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Kuthumi Reminding us of our Complex Earth Program

The Sum Total of Who Are

Being an individual requires immense work if you will, yet at the same time it is the gift that life gifts to you. You come into this world alone, and as you enter through the gates of the life-giving force, you take on a divine imprint of your own authenticity.

This imprint is programmed by a number of different templates which are imprinted upon it. Firstly you have the template of your soul spirit decision, your soul spirit being, the template that you set up for yourself prior to incarnation. This is a blueprint of divine pointers and guidance as to the route that you wish to take from arrival and throughout your life here on earth, including your exit opportunities.

You then have a template of influence which are the nudges that you get from the other side, the little elbows that you feel, the pushes, the pulls, the messages that you are given at the most unusual times, the synchronicity, this is the flow of the output of your input on your path of guidance, your intuition.

Then there is another map overlaid and that is your entry point time, place and situation which are imprinted according to the star systems evident around your world that is from an astrological point of view.

Now all of these maps and imprints are systems of guidance, gifted to you for you to find your individuality and grow from that. Another of these imprints are the effects that you feel from the imprints left behind or still in action when it comes to your family and parents, first of all directly as you are a by-product of their cells and tissues on a physical level. So too are you a by-product of your parents’ parents, your grandparents and their parents, as part of their cells and tissue thus their DNA on a physical level. So you have a massive conglomeration of imprinted programs, blueprint DNA programs, influence from the astrological charts, all of these along with your own personal pre-planned imprints and life plans. All this come together to combine with your personal template you are gifted to bring through when entering into this world through your physical birth, and you land here usually kicking and screaming! It is a very traumatic experience to be birthed and that is why for valid reasons you are unable to remember the trauma of your birth.

Once you are here in embodiment there is another template that comes into play, and to play with you, the template of the personality self and beloved ones if you have thought that all the templates I have mentioned thus far may be complicated, wait until you meet the personality self!

It is probably your single biggest obstacle when it comes to templates, especially self-created and self enforced templates to overcome.

You have chosen a life on earth to live through and to vibrate along according to the frequencies that this life gifts to you. Being authentic to yourself is about discovering the needle in that haystack – which is who you truly are.

Then very importantly you need to be able to live in unity with all of these templates, along with that which you imprint daily, along with all the changes that takes place within the template of the personality self, which also allow every day of your existence, every waking moment on a conscious level, to bring opportunities to change and modify and rescript that personality template. Every day you set up for yourself hurdles and obstacles to overcome, for you to be able to refine and redefine this template which you are constantly imprinting upon yourself.

When connecting with the sacred trinity of self, the inner child is the innocent aspect of self that should remain a child forever, not childishness but childlike. This is the memory of playfulness of the mature or grown-up personality self who should  remember the very young years, when you were innocent when you played innocently, when the world was your oyster and you knew it and you took every change embracing every endeavour to fulfil that prophesy, for you knew back then that anything is possible. This energy in this meditation and the teachings that I Kuthumi have given you over the years placed that in the 3rd eye, reason being the inner child, even though people may embrace it through the heart, the inner child is the aspect of your inner innocent self that can project the impossible expecting it to be possible.

To support this you have your totem animal, which is your animal guide there to love and support you unconditionally hence we placed this into the heart for its easier for you to think of an animal and open your heart completely to it than it is for you to open your heart completely to your inner truthful innocent self.

These two work in unison. Where it comes to higher manifestation or more intricate projections; the heart, throat and 3rd eye also work in unison – for the 3rd eye needs to be projected through the heart for it to be accepted (which brings the codes of expansion to life) but the throat, the doorway of your truth, the doorway of every spiritual challenge you will ever come to face is the disguising and deciding factor that says: “So are we going in or are we staying out?”

As an entry aspirant at birth you are an iridescent multidimensional crystalline flame expressing through your own unique colours. As an exit expert at transition you are an iridescent multidimensional crystalline flame expressing through your own unique colours.

So as your play with this you become more aware of the reason why it has been put together in this way, for your transformation.

Your Monad serves as a Way Station to filter the Essence of Source into your Higher Self. Your Higher Self serves as a filter to make things understandable for you.

Every memory tangible or not is programmed and recorded in your DNA, along with every memory of your past which resides in your (junk) DNA.

Welcome One and All. I am an Author, Therapist, Spiritualist, Mediator and Lightworker. I have experienced many levels of the spirit world first hand apart from being a channel for the Ascended Masters & Light beings since 8 August 2006. I chose this lifetime to ‘wake up’ and with that be in service to assist myself, Gaia and humanity on every level possible, in support of the unfolding Golden Age and New Earth. No matter the experience I shall continue my quest for Peace and Abundance for all, as I embrace The Light of Creation to guide our every way.

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