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The Effect of Consciousness

If we look at altitudes of consciousness across some of the major developmental lines in the world today, we will see that they are all making use of a 3 Tier System of consciousness, with various levels within each Tier.  In this article, I explore the effect of consciousness, which applies personally, as a leader and in business.

Within the NLP Coaching Model we make use of Graves’s Spiral Dynamics. Six Value Levels within each Tier have been identified. The 1st Tier is where the majority of people are currently operating from. It is where they act in accordance with their emotions and belief systems. In other words they are driven by their imprints and their scripted behaviours.

People have values and beliefs that are on different levels of consciousness and that can vary according to environmental issues and prevailing thought patterns. Commonly referred to in NLP Coaching as “Values Levels” the themes associated with each of these levels, shape the lens through which we look at the world and the way we perceive the people around us. These Values Levels come from our capacity to adapt to changing environmental conditions which become more and more complex. Thus in turn gives us the ability to develop our capacity to have more complex ways to form abstract conceptual thinking.

The Values Inventory questionnaire is a tool which is used to give us an indication of the levels of consciousness we spend the majority of our time and energy in, together with the typical thought patterns and emotions associated with these levels.

We know today that the conscious mind is the goal setter, however, the unconscious mind is the goal getter. What we focus on, albeit of an unconscious nature and outside of “conscious awareness”, will manifest through the people we serve. This is equally true for us as parents and within any relationship.

It is quite evident that to effectively deal with the complexity of the world today, all leaders including business, spiritual and leaders in government, are going to have to operate and lead from at least Level 7 which is the First Level within the Second Tier of consciousness.

Thanks to the work done by Burse Lipton and others, we know today that we are not
victims of our heritage and or our scripted behaviours. Quantum physicists have further revealed that underneath the apparent physical structure there is nothing more than energy and that we are actually energy beings and that even our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell. This includes the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

The tools and techniques available to us within Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Create Your Future® Processes allow for an holistic approach to change ensuring lasting integration of the conscious and unconscious minds allowing us the opportunity to successfully transcend the first tier levels of consciousness. If not it will manifest throughout our life and in everything we do. It will rob us of the opportunity and possibility to operate within the second or third tier levels of consciousness and to creating what we want for our life and our career.

Ben Alberts
NLP & Time Line Therapy and Past Life Regression

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