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Justine Atkinson has been doing private readings for those who seek her help for many years. Over the years she has explored many different forms of private readings. In this article, she gives a brief explanation of the different types of readings that she does which will help you make an informed decision when deciding what type of reading would work best for you.

Tarot Card Readings
There are many myths about how Tarot Cards came to be and where they originated from.  The most recorded history comes from Italy in the early fifteenth century, although the origin of the word itself is French.  It is thought that the Italian word ‘tarocco’ (plural ‘tarocchi’) was used initially, and that the terminology came about nearly a century after the cards came to be.

How the Tarot works for you
The Tarot is comprised of archetypal images that cross linguistic, cultural, geographical and temporal barriers.  The tarot is an objective tool in the pursuit of self-analysis; the invaluable benefit of this kind of divination for self-awareness is that the cards never lie. The tarot describes patterns of behaviour.  We are exactly what the tarot says we are.  That is not to say that you blame the cards for your decisions.  You are to take responsibility for your actions.

Celtic Cross Spread
This reading is primarily for resolving an issue or a question that needs to be resolved or use it to clarify where you are at any moment in time. Even if you only want some direction or objective perspective on your life journey, this reading is interpreted in relation to your current situation. Connection to a guide is involved here too by the reader.

Relationship Readings
Can help you understand your relationship at any point, identify its plus and minus points and guide you and your partner through the maze of emotions.  Love’s energy is never static and this spread can show you how and where it is moving right now.  You are mirroring a relationship, not yourself, as in the Celtic readings.

Vision Boards
Vision boards consist of cut outs of magazine pictures of events, happenings, desires, wishes, goals – anything you feel you want in your life – and a red background is usually used.  This helps with positive prosperity and energy flow.

The pictures are pasted on a board and you are encouraged to look at the board often to help the energy flow. Be patient, time in our lives is linear, impatience causes energy blockages. The Laws of Attraction really do work.

Astrological Reading
This spread is based on the astrological year. Thus the first card is April (Aries O degrees), the second May and so on. It indicates opportunities and/or a mission for each month.

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