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Spiritual Adventures

Spiritual Adventures: The world is always talking to us – if we listen

I love reading cards, the rich symbolism and imagery is amazing and connects me to my higher self, my guides, and the Universe.

But I do not only use cards. Somehow, it is almost as if I read Tarot or Oracle “cards” just by being out and about, living my life. As if the very act of being alive and in the world is in fact a type of “card reading”, filled with messages and meaning.

Life as a “card reading”.

Let me explain by inviting you along a recent walk with me. A friend and I went on a little hike and swim on a wine farm in the mountains. It was a beautiful day.

I have been noticing these little planes in the sky recently. Not big passenger planes, but these little two-seater types. On this day one of these planes was flying straight up to me high above and just when it got to me, it started doing these joyful acrobatic rolls and dives.

Card 1. The Acrobatic plane.

Enjoy the ride of your life, even if sometimes the wildness and unexpectedness of it at certain moments makes you feel like puking.

During the walk, I was approaching a tall tree and in it sat a big eagle, with wings wide outstretched, in effect sunbathing. I had never seen an eagle do that. It was amazing to see and stopped me in my tracks.

Card 2: The Sunbathing Eagle.

Open up to receive the sunshiny goodness – the moment, the abundance, the joy of being nourished by the light.

A bit further I came across a massive pig, that had escaped her enclosure, with many small piglets she was suckling. She stared at me challengingly, daring me to come too close. The Tarot card of the Empress, with her fertile, nurturing, but also fierce feminine energy popped into my head so clearly as I stood watching her.

Card 3: The Pig Empress.

Embrace your creativity and abundant nature, your fierceness, and your nurturing qualities.

A bit further an employee on a bike stopped next to me, asking if I had maybe seen his keys which he had lost along the path somewhere.

Card 4: The Missing Key.

You do not have the key to it all right now, but just continue walking the path, paying attention to the signs, and you will find it.

I really needed this reassurance at the time.

After a wonderful swim in the cool water of the dam we walked back. I got to the ankle-deep river, which you cross by hopping on a sequence of rocks (and where I had earlier gotten unpleasantly wet shoes after slipping) and prepared to cross (hoping not to slip and get my shoes wet again).

Just as I was stepping onto the first rock, another employee rolled up with a bakkie and asked if I wanted an “Uber”. So, I hopped on the back and he drove across the river and let me off on the other side.

Card 5: The Helpful River-crossing Uber.

Help will show up just when you need it. You are supported along the way. Just trust. We have got your back.

Further on the path led to a horse enclosure. As I stopped to admire the four horses, they moved closer to me and one even allowed me to stroke her forehead.

Card 6: The inquisitive horse

Magic is afoot. You are connected to all living beings in a special way. Be open to new experiences and connections.

Walking and being in the world in this way, opens us up to a richness of meaning and experience. It made an awesome walk something special and memorable.

Paying attention to your Animal guides

In the same way, I always pay attention to any animals or insects or birds who come into my space in an obvious or insistent or repeated way.

The other day I had two unexpected encounters with a Praying Mantis, one which I found in my bedroom and another one a few days later that clung determinedly to a sock I had taken from the washing line.

It is a sign of good fortune, but also a sign to slow down and take life more deliberately, slowly, and intentionally.

I also have an interesting relationship with crows, who react to my energetic state, at times. I am still exploring this new experience of life with fascination.

Other types of spirit communication

The world is full of messages and communication.

It might be:

  • something you see in nature (I have had dragons and angels showing up in the clouds),
  • letters on a licence plate,
  • repeating numbers,
  • advertising billboards that loom large unexpectedly,
  • an event that somehow catches your attention,
  • a song on the radio with a specific lyric that just rings in your ears or
  • a snippet of overheard conversation between strangers that somehow speak to you as you walk by.

We must open ourselves up to these because our guides, higher selves and angels are always communicating with us, guiding, and sending us little winks.

The more we pay attention, the easier it is for them.

Life and the Universe is just waiting to surprise, delight and amuse us.

How to start exploring this rich new world of magic and meaning?

All you need to do is open yourself up to the possibility that these things in your day are not just random happenings but might carry meaning.

It is also crucial to trust your own intuition.

When you get right down to it, the only person who will know if something is in fact a message, or what that message ultimately means, is you.

Tune into your feelings and ignore your doubtful mind.

What did it make you feel like?

What does your gut and your heart say?

Trust that. Life will be so much easier and more magical as a result.



Melanie Britz is an author, mystic, specialist Akashic records reader and healer. Her passion is helping people achieve their highest potential so they can live their best lives now.

She is currently developing a new Oracle card deck (The Energy of Abundance oracle) which is linked to energy activations tapping into power places on earth where there are powerful leylines, sacred places and energy vortexes to help heal and shift our blocks towards abundance in all forms and aspects.

Her website is www.melaniebritz.com

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