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Enthusiasm is the order of the day. Note – there is a fine line on the fulcrum point at which the scales tip and it becomes overly effusive or radical fanatacism. The archetype of the sergeant-major or drill instructor is useful in getting to grips with this month’s fiery energy; on a good day when the troops are well ordered and under control he is brimming with good cheer and useful information, but woe betide an unruly mob – then his management style is war-like and with a bad attitude which brooks no argument. Great for making things happen, attending to the minutiae of life and actualising ambition. In this year of watery emotion, fire is a fabulous antidote; tend and stoke it well, applying judicious amounts of air (thought) lest it rages or, worse perhaps, is extinguished for want thereof. Be prepared to get organised and learn if you wish to achieve and evolve.


JAN & OCT         Avoidance of truth, integrity or justice can exact an expensive, even chaotic toll. By contrast, enthusiastically embracing reality, tackling your ‘stuff’ head on paves the way for a solid structure, ushering in thrilling times. Shift unhealthy paradigms now.

FEB & NOV        With the wind at your back and fire to hand, let go of defunct emotions, broaden your horizons and take a leap towards exploring uncharted territories. Use this restless air to grow, work on juggling ability and use yoga breath to centre when you’re spinning.

MAR & DEC      It’s all about the fire; your passionate pursuit of peace (delightful twinkling coals), the comforting warmth of embracing and investing in loved ones, generous giving of gifts- all that makes life pleasurable. Maudlin moods suggest a fire that needs TLC.

APRIL               Withdrawing from the hubbub, taking quiet time to burn a trail to your inner sanctum is necessary to avoid burnout and to reconfigure deeply held dreams. Being alone is a powerful place when not labelled loneliness. Closely examine your deepest feelings.

MAY                  Get closure on money matters, property, all the loose ends of life. Invest in what is worthy, pull up weeds by the roots on old stuff that has passed its sell by date. Hard work is richly rewarded, but maintain balance to achieve meaningful, lasting results.

JUNE               Lighten your load, make space to play! Forgiveness, grounded in understanding the great mirror of life’s experiences, is a perfect place to start the process. Approach the world with a wide-eyed sense of wonderment at the creative playground it can be.

July                 Forge forward in bold fashion, ensuring your voice is heard and you claim your due. Start with getting your ducks in a neat row, confident in your position with latherings of self love and positive affirmations to bolster; aim, steady, strike! New beginnings.

AUGUST        A ladle of care, consideration and kindness dispensed with a gentle touch goes a long way towards achieving goals. Focus on the home front, the relationships that matter most. Stalk emotional tirades, controlling the flow, banishing defensiveness. Love!

SEPTEMBER  Move briskly out of the deep waters of emotionality, taking charge of each present moment. Establish facts as a basis for a new order designed to achieve your goals.Take heart; you are the sole arbiter of your destiny. Learn from past mistakes. Expand your social circle.

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