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To Everything There is a Season

If you were to take an in-depth look at your life, from an outer perspective looking in, what would you see? Are you absolutely content with your life and does that content spill out into everything that you do or are you discontent and does that discontentment spill out into everything that you do?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the third of Newton’s laws of motion of classical mechanics which states that forces always occur in pairs. This is related to the fact that a force results from the interaction of two objects. Every force – action – on one object is accompanied by a reaction on another, of equal magnitude but opposite direction. The attribution of which of the two forces is action or reaction is arbitrary. Each of the two forces can be considered the action, the other force is its associated reaction. So in other words, whether it be a positive or a negative force emanating from you, the fact that there is an equal and opposite reaction doesn’t change.

Armed with this knowledge, it makes it so much easier for us all to see and understand that whatever we put out into the universe will have some kind of repercussion.   And so whether it be that we emanate positive vibes and thoughts, or we emanate negative vibes and thoughts, those exact vibes and thoughts have a consequence and the consequence is that what you put out is what you get back. So inflicting your negativity onto someone else is only going to be sent right back to you. Yet, even though this is the one law of the Universe that we understand fully, how many of us actually ensure that we are always completely aware of what it is that we say and what it is that we do and what it is that we think. Even though we know that we are creating the negative space that we’re in, we continue to do so and then complain because our lives are not improving and we’re not getting what we want. So many of us so often get messages from the guides to tell us that we’re too hard on ourselves and we do not love ourselves enough and because of this we do not believe that we are worthy of love, good health, wealth and happiness. And so we deny ourselves the very things that are our birthright, because our perception of ourselves creates our awareness of ourselves and what you pay attention to, you become conscious of – meaning once again, that to which you pay attention, you will bring into your space.

Ecclesiates 3, starts off saying, ‘to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.’ And so we need to understand that everything happens in its own time and its own place and everything is as it should be. But at the same time, we are able to create our own space and our own lives and in fact we are totally responsible for everything that we do, say and think. Thus we are responsible for the consequences of everything that we do, say and think. Thus we are responsible for our own happiness and for how the world perceives us, for how can we expect anyone to believe that we are fabulous worthy people, when we ourselves don’t think so.

Believe in who you are which is a physical manifestation of the Great I Am, the Creator of the Universe and everything that dwells within the Universe, every living breathing thing He has created. You too have the same power to create, using the exact same energy and in fact unwittingly, every day, we invoke this energy into our every action, thought and words. Yet, we do not believe that we have this power within us, because we still think of ourselves as being separate from God. So, connect yourself to Him every morning when you awake and throughout your day, take time to see that connection whether it be a white light, a coloured ribbon, a silver thread – whatever works for you. And then, through your conscious awareness of that connection to Him, you have the power to create whatever it is that you desire. Whilst this is exciting to know and can bring about huge positive change in our lives, we need to remember that it is a huge responsibility because of the fact that there are consequences to our thoughts, actions and words.

I wish you great joy in exploring this knowledge which resides deep within each and every one of us. It is not new. It is something that we have all known over the many aeons of time that we have lived both in spirit and in the physical and is imprinted into our DNA and will remain there throughout eternity. And in exploring this knowledge, you will come to understand what an amazingly powerful being you are.

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