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Everything you Experience is your Own Personal Reality

Changes in the seasons are becoming more evident as time appears to have sped up and our 24 hour day no longer feels like 24 hours!  No longer can we rely on outdated belief systems that reside so deep in our very core selves.  We need to begin to work on changing our lives and altering our patterns of action and reaction.  For everything that you experience in your own personal reality.

What we believe is closely related to that which we perceive as the structure of the world. Each of us personally has the final say in choosing or not choosing what is acceptable for us to adopt as a belief about the world we live in. The word “personally” is the keyword here for any belief that is not “personally” experienced is just plain blind faith or mind-control by others.

Everything we experience is our own personal reality. We think we are experiencing physical reality but everything out there is no more than light images of reality reconstructed in our mind. What we perceive and what is actually out there are two very different things. All of our experiences are light images of reality, not false perceptions or delusions created in our minds. False perceptions or delusions come when we confuse our experiences of the world with physical reality or the thing in itself.

Tolerance and self-acceptance plays a huge part in reconstructing who we are.  May we walk this path together with encouragement and love to attain a universal final destination.

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