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Start Practising Acceptance – Stay True to Traditions

I’m always so interested to see how much we all hang on to stuff.  Facebook postings are all about remember only those who stuck by your side, get rid of those who don’t do anything for you, I’m so used to being treated badly… bla bla bla.

People, this isn’t what life is about and the sooner we all get it, the better this whole world will be.  Who actually cares if people want to walk around in Burka’s! These woman are doing no-one any harm, except for the fact that they are staying true to their traditions.  Does it really matter if my religion says that I pray to God and yours says that you pray to someone with a different name?

In the end, there is only one Creator and if for people to have some kind of frame of reference, they have to give our Creator a name and claim him/her as the only god that exists, then surely that’s okay.  If it doesn’t affect your life in any way, why should you pass judgement because passing judgement is so ego-based and so not living your life as a spiritual human being.

My prayer for everyone is to start practising acceptance.  Accept that we are all flawed in some way and that are all different and it’s our differences that should be bringing us together in love not pushing us further apart.  Try always to see someone else’s point of view and life circumstance before you make any decision on their life’s choices.  Focus inward and concentrate on making yourself more spiritual and when you get it right, you will see the world from a very different perspective.

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