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When it seems as if your life is passing you by and you have nothing to show for it, this is a sure sign that you need to slow things down.  Stepping outside of ourselves, allows us to enter a state of transcended awareness. And it is this state that affords us the opportunity to reconnect with who we are.  To connect with our higher consciousness, which is ultimately our manifestation of the Great All Creative White Light.

Allowing the white light to completely engulf our innermost thoughts, feelings and desires, will set us back on that path of grounded connectedness. Being aware and living in the moment, enables us to experience our lives authentically, with all the emotion of the moment, devoid of the past and unconnected to the future.

When we are once again aware of our journey, where we started from, where we are currently and where it is taking us, we will understand how much we have achieved, how many mistakes we have made and how many of these mistakes we have already set right. Trust your intuition and the loving gentle prompting from your guides and know that you are exactly where you should be and that life is exactly as it should be.

Our whole perception changes our internal experiences enough to activate and confuse the rational function of our mind with the intent of revealing a more deeply felt state of consciousness that is based on a single pattern or pre-established universal harmony that underlies all consciousness. This universal state of consciousness is a matter of ultimate consideration when its value begins to exceed our expectations.

The more universally conscious we become, the more we realise the ultimate value of the expanding consciousness and its contribution towards helping us transcend the realm of ordinary experience in power and meaning. To transcend the realm of ordinary experience in power and meaning we only need to direct our attention towards trust, balance, forgiveness and love.

Our peace of mind is determined by how much we are able to live in the present moment. The more we live in the present moment the more patient we become. The more patient we become, the more accepting we will be of what is real. The more accepting we are of what is real, the more peaceful we become. The more peaceful we become, the more we allow ourselves to let go, reach out and be happy. As we allow ourselves to let go, reach out and be happy, we learn how to clear our mind and relax. As we learn how to clear our mind and relax, we allow our mind to take a break and live in the present moment without fear. When we live in the present moment without fear, we return to our natural state of being  – balanced and whole.

There is nothing outside us that can stop us from loving because there is nothing outside us. Perception is a state of mind. Perceptions are made up of the belief in opposites. What we perceive as possible is yet to be done. Everything that is, is right now. Everything that we remember, we remember now. Everything we know, we know now.

Nothing we create is separate from anything. Until we know something, we cannot dissociate ourselves from it. What is not remembered now may cause us to experience fear, uncertainty and doubt only because an inflated ego has taken our confusion or dissociated memories and used them to keep us off balance. We experience fear, uncertainty and doubt only because we have forgotten what is true. When we distance ourselves from what is real, we are creating fear, uncertainty and doubt.

When we attack, we are trying to separate. When we attack someone else, we are in denial of the person we really are right now in the present. All attempts at separation are attempts to deny what is true. To deny truth, leads to uncertainty, which in turn creates the belief that others, not ourselves, have done something to us. To deny the truth of who we are is to deny our selves well being. If we deny anything, we are acknowledging that it must exist. Our mind is capable of creation but our mind can also deny what is created. Joy is created by us and misery is created through us.

There is a hidden aspect to each one of us that sometimes surfaces in brief moments of clarity to reveal a deeper awareness of body, emotions, senses, thinking and mind. This hidden realm of being takes us beyond judgment and the distortions of daily life to a place where we can be more human, allowing each moment to be as it is, in the clear light of truth. If we listen carefully enough, we can hear truth in our thoughts. If we look deep enough, we can recognise the shadow of destruction we created, and if we look deeper, we can see the light of truth within. This shadow before the light of truth is the core of an inflated ego where we experience the intensity of darkness and all that is noxious. This is a place of total dissociation and disconnection. A place where arrogance denies all that is love. This is a place where delusion can overpower reality. However, even darkness and destruction can produce value for within each of us is a shadow that we must recognise in order to begin expelling the darkness (it is darkness that defines light and without light there is no shadow). When we comprehend this place clearly, we know how to release darkness and journey towards the light of truth. The transition away from darkness carries with it clarity and healing that provides a deeper appreciation of the transpersonal nature of our identity as extraordinary self-organizing energy beings with a deep-seated purpose for existing.

Nothing is truly hidden, only temporarily unknown. Everything that exists has a specific nature. Only truth can penetrate the quality of things that exist. Truth resides in the directness of its perspective. The way in which an idea is presented, affects what that idea will turn out to be in the present. All truth is accepted as being self-evident. Truth is clear and simple. A union with truth is intrinsic to our well being. Truth is growth. Insight belongs to one who knows. Nothing happens without reason. Whatever is in the effect must be in the cause. A thing can only affect another of its own kind. The deliberate application of reasoning only comes through reflection.

Every phenomenon in the visible universe has its birth in motion. The metaphysical and the physical coexist. The great tragedy of truth is opinion. Science alone is only a self-correcting process. The path of inner being is truth. Absence of truth is not evidence of truth. Something incredible is waiting to be known. Truth is often awash in a great ocean of confusion. Truth can be unknown, but it cannot be altered. Every great advance in knowledge has involved doubt. The unknown is only another term used to describe creation. There cannot be complexity without simplicity.

When we let go of our expectations and accept things as they are, we accept what is real. When we are free, life is special and wondrous. When life is special and wondrous, we become spiritual. When we become spiritual, we are whole. And when we are whole, we are one with our Creator, filled with the perfect energy of the Great I Am and we want for nothing.

Every day we hear how the world is changing. This kind of message can easily unhinge us or make us feel more positive about our future, depending on our current state of mind and level of emotion.  To feel positive about the future or in fact anything at all, takes a conscious effort and a firm decision to change our attitudes and outlook on life. A more tangible glimpse of a perfect order begins to focus our thoughts and feelings to awaken our perceptions while shutting out the rampant extension of both sense and imagination.

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