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There is nothing known more intimate than conscious experience but there is nothing harder to explain than the thoughts that make us aware of consciousness. Consciousness is more than information and the brain; the very expansion of the universe generates information that enters consciousness. Consciousness is a form of energy essential to all existence. It is a non-physical energy of infinite magnitude and it is unique in its capacity to change one pattern of existence into another pattern of existence. Where there is an organised state of existence there is an interchange of consciousness. Consciousness enables ordered states of existence to understand other states of existence. Consciousness is awareness of existence, universal and essential to existence, but it does not create existence. To have consciousness there must be existence. To have existence there must be consciousness.

Human consciousness is the basic nature of one’s being. It is an awareness of oneself as a fundamentally conscious being. As conscious beings, we find ourselves within a multidimensional union which links human consciousness and cosmic consciousness with metaphysical form and physical form to create a window of reality between worlds. It allows us to personally experience and share the world of nature and the world of the metaphysical as illuminated beings in the openness of a shared reality.

However, if the mind can be momentarily suspended from the chaos of the physical world, subtle harmonies of perfection begin to entrance its state. A more tangible glimpse of a perfect order begins to focus our thoughts and feelings to awaken our perceptions while shutting out the rampant extension of both sense and imagination.

This universal state of consciousness is a matter of ultimate consideration when its value begins to exceed our expectations. The more universally conscious we become, the more we realise the ultimate value in expanding consciousness in its contribution towards helping us transcend the realm of ordinary experience in power and meaning.

When we find ourselves in a state of positive energy and upliftment, it becomes easier for us to focus on those things that are most important to our growth and evolution.  Taking advantage of this energy sets us up to more easily tackle our problems and find meaningful solutions that benefit both ourselves and the people with whom we come into contact.  Focusing on forgiveness is a good place to start.

Forgiveness takes us on a journey that enables us to understand self-healing. When we forgive, we circumvent a situation that could become unbearable. Forgiveness empowers us to eliminate anger and resentment, allowing enormous amounts of positive energy to change our mental and physical well being enough to dispose of stress, nervousness, restlessness, sadness, depression, anger and any associated trauma.

If we truly want to set ourselves free, we need to be courageous enough to change our lives and now is the time to do it.  Ridding ourselves of everything that brings us down or extra baggage that we carry about so unnecessarily, can bring about a new sense of freedom and open the doors that we need, to take us into that new space that so many of us desire, but fear to step into or believe that we are unworthy of.

When we understand truly and with absolute conviction that we are one with the Great White Spirit, our Creator and provider of everything that there is, then we will have taken that first giant step to knowing that we are worthy and we will have rid ourselves of fear of the unknown.  We will find ourselves eagerly seeking out change because we will know then, that it’s time and it’s what we all need.

As spiritual beings here on earth, we are constantly engaged in the pursuit of living our lives.  Everything that we create is about life on one level or another, for life is creativity itself.  Why is it then, that although we know this to be true, we still don’t have a clear understanding of life?

Each and every one of us has been given life so that we may experience love, joy, good health and prosperity in abundance.  Again, why is it then that we find this so difficult to achieve?

We tend to focus so much on what we don’t have and what makes us unhappy that we fail to see what is right in front of us.  We fail to see what we have been given to work with and more importantly, we fail to see the opportunities that are put at our feet.  When we keep negativity around us, this energy sits like a black cloud in our space and it makes it really difficult firstly for our guides to connect with us and to inspire us in any way, which in turn makes us not see the opportunities that are given to us.

There is obviously a devoted dimension to the existence of each human being and coming to realise this devoted dimension is considered by most to be the main motivation or belief behind living.  However, the main block to attaining this type of awareness is in adopting a belief without first hand personal experience. Experience being the medium through which source knowledge becomes known to us directly. Without first hand personal experience, neither the whole of experience nor articulated experience would reveal anything about our ultimate concern for what we believe.

When we search for the definable I within, it appears as a paradox. Some people would question whether it is even possible to look for the very thing that is doing the looking because each time we attempt to look within ourselves for ourselves, we start being torn apart by diabolic forces we can faintly understand or barely control. Many others have said that to find the definable ‘I’ we must break away from the restraints of traditional logic if we want to avoid being imprisoned indefinitely within the disparity of an inflated ego.

There is a higher energy state that is aroused when human beings interact in a less reactive and self-protective way, that allows us to better appreciate the universal nature of being. This higher energy state is in a mind space where one looks at existence and sees profound spaciousness and mystery without the compulsive need to explain, analyse, compare, judge or understand. This is an unconditional state where our whole being can rest and genuinely perceive, conceive, infuse and transform our awareness of reality with an unconditional quality of love.

We can point to something beyond our being by knowing that through our finite existence, the infinite expresses itself. It is our willingness to participate in the process of life that closes the gap of uncertainty and conquers the contradictions of the temporal process. We are love, for every process in life guides our tendencies of separation back towards union. The continuous movement towards union is the metaphysical nature of life. This awareness is the impulsive nature of love.

Once the physical world fails us, we will return to being part of the ineffable forces of flowing movement without boundaries or we will find ourselves at the boundary between being and nothingness. In that timeless moment of transition from self, we will become one with the absolute power of being and pure identity or we will surrender our fragment of existence to the emptiness of the void and become nothing more than random energy without purpose.

Let it be that our choices guide us in a direction that lifts us ever higher so that we eventually find ourselves fulfilled with a centred contentedness that continues to flow as we continue to be.

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