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Realising our Universal Identity

Under the thin surface of our lucidity, the disorderly world of the subconscious mind enables us to transcend reason and realise our own true nature and identity as multidimensional beings of awareness from intelligence. When we understand ourselves fully, we understand truth and the conditioned structures that have kept us from becoming conscious of our universal identity.

To realise our universal identity, we need only reprogram our instinctive reactions and thought patterns.  We need to consciously tap into that awesome exciting feeling of incredible things to come, look forward to experiencing them and embrace them with open arms when they do.  Throw skepticism and doubt out the window and focus your thoughts, actions and deeds on a positive outcome for all.  Trust that the guides are working towards the betterment of our lives and that working with them will bring about positive change much quicker.

Survival of the fittest is a mantra we should all adopt. We all have to stand up and face who we are at some point in time.  We all have to challenge ourselves and face our inner demons, strengths and weaknesses and when we do, most of us find that we have come out on top.  Whilst it may not feel that way right now, when you find yourself sitting alone, take out a pen and paper and just write down everything that you have done this year and what you have achieved. More importantly write down what changes you have noticed in yourself and you will be amazed to see that you are way more equipped to tackle all the obstacles that come your way – in fact, you will find that most of the obstacles that were in your way earlier, are now a thing of the past.

We need to remember at all times, that everything is exactly as it should be and that nothing ever happens by chance.  We need to know that at all times we are loved and supported by our guides, our loved ones in spirit and all our spirit helpers.  We need to know that the Father knows everything about us and that He will never fail us – faith is all we need to have, trust is all we need to do and above all, let go – let go of the things that irk us, let go of the things that keep us locked in the past, and let go of all the negative feelings that we have about ourselves and others.

It is only we who can set ourselves free and it is only when we have let go completely and handed over to spirit – with love and gratitude – that we will truly know the feeling of freedom.  We will experience the lightness of foot that comes with it and the feeling of confidence and self-worth.

There is no individuality without universality. Everything in the universe is attracted to something and attraction is a force or manifestation that binds all consciousness into a single unified pattern of radiant wholeness. Our bodies are energy systems. If we manage our energy in a balanced way, we can create an almost perfect system to express and expand our consciousness. A consciousness that can help us realise our identity as awareness from intelligence infused with effortless love, where effortless love is the first response we consider in reply to every question. Love transforms all things toward the ineffable source of their meaning. We embrace love to coexist and express the formidable energies of attraction and we also embrace love because it is the only complete way in which to experience life. Love’s cognitive nature is aesthetic, theoretical, practical, detached, passionate, subjective and objective. If we acknowledge our identity as awareness from intelligence infused with effortless love, we will be able to understand and fulfill our true purpose and destiny in life. Effortless love can be the agent that binds our consciousness with a greater unified pattern of radiant wholeness.

Finding some kind of meaning to our lives is a concept that we can all relate to.  Each and every one of us are at some level of coming to an understanding of why we are here, what we are meant to be doing with our lives and what purpose we serve.  Why it is that we are here at this time, and why it is that we are with the people who share in our lives, whether from a business colleague relationship right through to the most intimate relationships.

Through this search, we need often to stop along the way and make assessments of ourselves.  It is imperative for us to continuously look back.  However, looking back in a negative way, will not allow us to move forward. The idea is to look back, see what we have come through and what learning we have managed to obtain along the way.

Once this has been achieved, we then need to take our learning and pack them into our daily life survival kits, because we need to dip into those kits of ours every day to enable us to cope with our daily lives and the challenges that come along. Along with our survival kits, we need to take our successes out of our previous experiences as well and make sure that we keep ourselves constantly aware of these successes.  It is when we give ourselves a pat on the back and allow ourselves to see the successes that we create and build confidence in ourselves.  And it is confidence that ensures that we can continue to build better lives for ourselves and for the people around us.

Practising awareness is another must have tool to carry around with you.  Ensure that you are aware every single minute of every single day of what you are doing, what you are thinking and what you are saying.  Making yourself consciously aware, allows you to almost immediately, see what you have done wrong or said wrong or even thought wrong and allows you the opportunity to correct it right away.  This allows for less pent up anger and resentments.  Being aware also of how others make you feel, allows you to immediately assess where the problem lies and if whether it lies with you or the other person, once again, you have the opportunity to immediately set it right.  However, you are cautioned to not have a knee-jerk reaction, rather to take the situation, analyse it, form a strategy on how to correct it and then only take action.  Taking action fuelled by your temper or emotions will never get you the desired outcome.

If you are a person who sets goals and works diligently and ferociously towards achieving those goals, this is a wonderful trait, however, I’m sure that most of us are not like this. For the vast majority, our intentions never actually materialise into something valuable that we can use to take us to that next level.  For the vast majority, intent is all we have and it is for this reason, that we need to consciously focus on what it is exactly that we want and what exactly it is that we need and work on melding the two.

This way we will be able to bring about change and happiness, joy and fulfillment into our lives. We will find ourselves feeling much more in control of our own lives and isn’t that what we all need?  Step up to the plate and accept that we are a product of our own creation and take accountability and responsibility for that entire product.  Admitting that we can and do make mistakes, but at the same time acknowledging that we are learning and making steady progress is what will foster a sense of self-worth and encouragement for all of us.

We need to champion ourselves more as well, instead of constantly finding fault and putting ourselves down.  We need to champion those around too as this always works in our favour.  Rooting for each other creates a sense of belonging and a sense of acceptance and acknowledgement by our fellow beings.  And is this not also what we’re looking for?

Love yourself and you will be able to love those around you.  Be patient and kind to yourself and you will be able to be patient and kind to those around you.  Accepting who you are and fully understanding that you have lessons to learn and experiences to undergo that perhaps no-one else does, also ensures that you can accept others and that they too have their individual lessons to learn and their individual path to walk.

As always, you are reminded to keep uppermost in your mind that everything is exactly as it should be.  There are no mistakes and nothing ever happens by chance.  Take courage in these words and get to fully understand what they mean.  Live in the moment, forget the past and plan for the future.

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