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Our Guides – Why do we have them?

Before we can learn how to connect with our spirit guides, it helps to know why we have guides in the first place. The following is my interpretation and my understanding.

Firstly we need to understand that we are spirit and not human. We are spirits who have chosen a lifetime to continue with our journey of development and growth as spirits; our ultimate destination – pure perfection, one with our Creator.

When we first set out to experience a human existence, our protector guide was allocated to us by the hierarchy of the Great Lords of Karma, Spirit Guides, Helpers and Angels who work within our particular spirit ‘family’ and who are there to advise us in terms of our choice of lessons and experiences for any lifetime that we choose to experience. And whilst along this amazing journey of joint spiritual and human existence, we have many other guides who are allocated to us, it is generally our main protector guide with whom we first make contact whilst we’re in human form.

This guide has absolute knowledge of our contract and they are there to ensure that we stick to that contract as much as we possibly can which ensures that we ultimately learn all the lessons and experience all the experiences that we set out to. The beauty of being able to connect with this guide, is that we are able to check in with them on a daily basis to see where we are and to ask for advice and to allow them to guide us along our spiritual journey.

It would then stand to reason, that we would be eager, whilst in human form, to learn how to consciously contact our guide or guides. Remember that whether or not you can communicate whilst awake, you are able to connect whilst in sleep state and this explains why we sometimes have such vivid dreams. So connecting with your guide whilst you’re awake makes sense, in that you’re able to invite them into your space and see them as a friend who comes with unconditional love, no judgement or harsh treatment and only offer us their support in every possible way. And this is why we need to be aware of them, because if we’re not, we very often miss the signs of the wonderful unconditional support that they offer.

The question then – how do I connect with my guide? How do I know who my guide is and more importantly, how do I communicate with him or her?

Learn to quieten your mind through meditation. When you finally manage to gain control of the noise that goes on inside your head, you enter a space of peaceful bliss and your mind is opened to the beautiful world of spirit. Then the only thing left to do, is allow the flow of communication to happen between you and spirit and your guide will be able to introduce themselves to you.   Because everyone is different and our guides all work differently, you may be shown an image in your mind’s eye of what he or she looks like, bearing in mind that generally our guides only take on a human-type form and gender so that we can have a point of reference.   In essence they are pure emanations of light, an absolute extension of the Great I Am, who gives life to all life.   We too are exactly the same emanations of life and extensions of the Great I Am. A name may pop into your head or you may sense what your guide looks like.   There is no right or wrong way to receive this information and I don’t know anyone who can actually explain how that particular process works. Having been a clairvoyant medium for longer than I can even remember, I still am unable to articulate exactly how I get information to pass on, it just happens when you trust that your guides will always be there to answer you and to love and inspire you and most importantly they will never let you down.


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