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Is it difficult to know who you are?

To be guided by our emotions and live our lives in hope, is something that most of us can relate to. We allow ourselves to be easily hurt and offended. We allow ourselves to believe in ‘if only.’ We find comfort in believing that we feel the way we do because of something that happened and is happening outside of ourselves.

We know deep-down inside that we are only fooling ourselves into a false sense of security. For finding blame and searching for the cause of our problems outside of ourselves, enables us to not look within. Going within and finding out for ourselves who we really are, is a task that is difficult to face and in fact most of us spend our entire lives, avoiding this very thing.

But how difficult can it be to face up to who you are? How difficult is it to know who you are? I hear you say, very difficult – and yes it is. But surely the reward is greater than the pain? Surely what the final outcome is, should bring much more comfort? Facing head-on is by far better than avoidance. Avoidance only pushes out the inevitable. And what is the inevitable?

It is what must eventually be. We are here on this earth to learn lessons, yes. This is what helps us to grow, yes. However, if we cannot find out who we are, what we stand for, where we fit in and what our purpose is, all those lessons will have been in vain.

Knowledge is great but it does not compare to inherent wisdom. Intellect is great, but it does not compare to sincerity of character and deep, true knowledge of ones core self. There is no better time than now, to set aside all those thoughts that prevent us from seeking the truth – the truth about ourselves and our relationships. There is no better time than now to begin to be truthful to ourselves and fess up to the mistakes that we have made, the hurt that we have caused and the discontent that we have brought into our own lives.

Taking control and ownership of everything that you say and everything that you do, will set you on a path of self-knowing and the reward will be a deeper sense of self-worth. A love for self that you have never experienced and a tenderness and kindness towards self that you have not yet experienced. The fantastic ripple effect that this has on the rest of your life and the relationships that you hold, will bring joy and upliftment such as you too, have not yet experienced.

What we believe produces experience and when we experience our existence only through what we believe, we may have inadvertently imagined uncertainty, which in turn has created fear. When we fully understand this, we begin to understand our inner domain and our whole reality begins to change. We start to realise that our happiness is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of our happiness. Love in our life is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of our love. Compassion is not created as a result of certain conditions. Certain conditions are created as a result of our compassion. If we did not have this understanding before, we probably only imagined certain things must occur in order for us to live a more meaningful life.

Life is not an illusion. We are not an illusion and what we experience within any illusion is not who or what we are as human beings. We must understand that the illusions in life are only illusions we created for purposes that were very real to us, but that the illusions themselves were not real. Illusions may appear real only because so many of us think they are real. We cannot escape illusions but we can be liberated from illusions. We know that the illusions we live with as individuals are being created by ourselves and not for us by someone else.

In all thought we place or extend something of our self into the object of our perception and the object of our perception projects something of itself into our awareness. Higher consciousness is a place where our individuality is an illusion and where subtle fields of energy, unite all awareness of life into a revealing continuum of light. This quality of our higher consciousness as awareness from intelligence transcends our relationship with the outer world. It allows us a deeper understanding and sense beyond every pattern and form, where a new quality of consciousness can provide us the ability to recognise any subtle sign or expression of a higher level of awareness in our daily lives. However, there are false perceptions that can camouflage any sign or expression from ever reaching our awareness. Most false perceptions come from the outer or external world. Others come from our fanciful distortions or twisted perceptions of reality.

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