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How do We Communicate with our Guides and How do They Communicate with Us?

Communication with our guides is attained through meditation, particularly in the early days when we’re first learning how to connect with them.  Essentially we are all clairvoyant which means that each and every one of us are able to connect and receive messages.  In fact, we do so every day, even without even realising that we are.

An example would be when you awake with a ‘feeling’ that something is wrong.  It may be that you have a ‘sense’ that you should give someone a call or you should be especially aware during the day whilst you’re out and about.  Nine times out of ten, when you do phone the person you were thinking about, you find that they’re not doing well or they’ve just been through a particularly difficult experience that you didn’t know about.  Or you may lose your phone or get a flat tyre, something along those lines.  When you think back to how you felt on awakening that morning, you’ll see that in fact this was information that was being given to you by your guides.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t put the two together, even people like me who are extremely aware of our guides, don’t always take enough notice to see that we in fact were being warned about something.

So, we learn to connect with our guides through sitting in meditation and this can be a very long process.  A person could sit for a year, every week, in meditation and still have no idea that they have connected with their guides.  It could be that the first time you sit, you pick them up.

The reason for this process taking time, is that it is rather complex.  You have to initially learn to quieten your mind.  This is extremely difficult because we are human and we have thoughts that go around in our heads every moment of every waking day.  But what you have to learn to do is, put the thoughts to one side and allow yourself to focus on raising your vibrations enough to sense the Universal Consciousness.  It’s about becoming extremely aware of what exists outside of yourself and that is the Spirit World, whilst at the same time being aware of what is going on around you.  It’s almost as if you heighten the one and supress the other.

Through meditation and feeling completely at peace – one with the universal consciousness, we are able to raise our vibrations.  The guides, angels and our loved ones then work on bringing their vibrational level down to ours and we have a meeting of minds – a finding of the Missing Link.

Communication is brought about through the use of various tools and signs.  This means that you can choose to use various cards, crystals, automatic writing, ouija boards, or nothing but your conscious awareness to communicate with Spirit.  In turn, your Guides will let you know what they find easiest to use to connect with you.  Initially you may feel compelled to use a particular tool, but as the connection strengthens, you might find that you no longer need them.  Likewise, when you connect with them and ask for a sign that it is them or that they have heard you or will help you – whatever that question to them might be, they will leave you little feathers, or you will hear a particular song on the radio, or see a sign outside a building, or someone will say something to you that will make you go “Oh that just rang so true!”

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