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When the time comes to lose someone that we love, as human beings we find this really difficult to cope with.  The thought of no longer having that person in the physical around you is sometimes just too much to contemplate.

We all know on an intellectual level that this is merely a completion of the cycle of corporeal life.  This is an eventuality that everyone has to go through both from the perspective of being the one left behind as well as the one leaving loved ones behind.  We know with an absolute certainty that just as we are born, so shall we die.

On an emotional level, this is a completely different story.  One would imagine that each time it happens ie each time you lose a loved one, you should be able to handle it better – it should be something that you grow ‘used to’.  But of course, it’s not.

Dr Phil has a way of describing the different kinds of love that we have as loving everyone from different accounts.  So, you love your mom from one account and your husband from another and again each of your children from yet another.  In my head, I picture this patchwork heart divided into many little patches with each patch being dedicated to someone.  It’s often been heard people say that when someone they loved died, they took with them, a little piece of their heart – that’s the little patch!

However, those little patches remain forever a piece of your heart because the bonds of love are never broken.  So that even when say your mom has passed and is now in Spirit, the love that you had for each other, remains within that piece of your heart.

Because of the love that continues to reside within that little space of your heart, we will always have loving memories.  And of course, memories is what keeps that love alive.  Memories are all that we’re left with, in the end.

With that in mind, we need to live our lives, consciously aware that with every interaction, we are creating memories.  Sometimes these aren’t really good ones and ones that we’d rather erase, but of course, we know we can’t.  There’s a saying that goes something like this : people will always remember how you made them feel.  Very true.  Feelings are what we all connect with, again, whether they be positive or negative.

Coming into someone’s space with the sole intention of creating great memories, immediately makes you watch what you say and what you do.  It makes you so much more aware of the fact that anyone with whom you come into contact, should always leave you feeling better than they did, when they first came into your space.  It’s really such a simple goal to achieve.  Seeing the good in someone instead of looking for the bad.  Seeing the interaction from a positive perspective rather than from a negative perspective is all a matter of perspective – is the glass half full or half empty.?

What memories are you creating?

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