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Introduction to Your Spirit Guides

Have you ever wondered who your guides are or do you have a feeling that you know your guide, but not really.   Sometimes being introduced to your guide is exactly what you need to facilitate your connection to them. Our guides are ever present, sometimes felt and heard, sometimes not. However, being connected to them and receiving their inspiration every day, certainly makes our lives so much easier to understand. They know what our life path is and they are able to keep us on that path, if we just keep the channels of communication open with them. By acknowledging their presence, we are able to open the channel of communication and as we become accustomed to the feel of their energy, so the connection will become stronger.

We are constantly being encouraged by our guides to take time to look deep within and see that we truly do have the answers through taking time to focus on the positive side of our lives. The spiritual path of each one of us is an individual adventure and if we can facilitate the gaining of wisdom and understanding to the benefit of the evolution of our souls, then we will know that we are on the right path.

When we are aware of our journey, where we started from, where we are currently and where it is taking us, we will understand how much we have achieved, how many mistakes we have made and how many of these mistakes we have already set right. Learn to trust your intuition and the loving gentle prompting from your guides – it really is very easy. Remember that each one of us are clairvoyant!

Should you wish to be introduced to your guide, I will do a reading for you. I will connect with the guides and see who your main guide is. We will ask your guide for feedback as to your life path and how it is that you are in the space you currently are in, with enlightenment as to how to overcome or move away from the negative aspects of your life and understand that your guides are there to help and facilitate your life.

Bring along five questions specific to your life and together we will communicate with the guides to gain positive input into your questions.

This reading will generally take longer than an hour, depending on you and how much you communicate back to your guides as well. Please note that it could be that you will need follow up sessions. This will be discussed during your reading and will be at a much reduced cost (ie not the same price as the first reading).

Feel free to watch this video to gain a better understanding of how the guides inspire us.


To make a booking contact glynis@spiritconnection.co.za or give me a call 082 570 6473

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