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Feel, deal, heal; fundamental steps to transforming your experience of life. Avoidance of feeling and facts invites chaos. Contrarily embracing what Is unlocks fresh perspectives that make potentially thrilling paradigm shifts possible. Diligent application is the key that pays dividends. Put in place the building blocks of all that is life affirming, facing your stuff at every turn. The steps of getting there are the qualities of being there. Learn to live your Highest Truth always, using compassion in speaking your Highest Truth only when it serves a Higher purpose. Strive for authenticity; when you are your truth, you are uncluttered and clear, so Light can shine through you, pure and undiluted. We are accountable for the ramifications of sharing our truth. Use discernment; the process of evaluating all possible consequences, weighing them up with wisdom, reason and intuition, then carefully choose the most auspicious course of action.


JAN & OCT                Make an honest evaluation of past choices, then let go of defunct ideas which have passed their sell by date and which hamper true personal freedom. Expand horizons. Think logically before making quantum leaps. Become the careful juggler. Breathe!

FEB & NOV               Invest in love, deal honestly with your fears, then open your heart wider than you thought possible. Pursue your passions. Exercise compassion towards others and self. Spend time in nature’s warm embrace, soaking in it’s healing energy. Love your life.

MAR & DEC              Re-discover the power and joy that is accessible in the stillness of alone time. Paint, meditate, listen to soothing music – whatever it takes to transport you to the depths of your soul. Withdraw to the silence, seeking your own spiritual answers to life’s mysteries.

APRIL                       End self-sabotage, kill off situations that don’t allow for free expression of your authentic self. Before your birthday you’re in destroyer ray – use that to get rid of defunct situations – for 52 days after your birthday it’s the initiator ray; time for re-birthing. Clear space of the old, to make way for new. Work hard, especially on balance.

MAY                           Focus on forgiveness, allowing, transformation – the world is your oyster if you’re aligned with Good. Stalk temper tantrums, childish behaviour and sulking. Truly anything is possible with right attitude. Angel or devil – consciously choose.

JUNE                        You’re offered a fresh start; get to grips with co-dependence and stifling relationships it generates. Independence is paramount – there is a peaceful yet assertive way to have your voice heard. Be innovative, taking the lead in creating what suits you best.

JULY                        Pay close attention to feelings, the expression of deeply held truths, but guard against over-sensitivity and defensiveness that follows in its wake. Draw closer to your nest for shelter from the storms of life. Be gentle, kind, nurturing, including to the Self.

AUGUST                 A social, enthusiastic, career oriented month with control and order at the apex. Get organized, gather information, put this fiery energy to good use to achieve ambitions. Work on communication and attitude. Tend the fire well to maximise output. Stalk fanaticism.

SEPT                      Assiduous impeccable stalking is paramount in maximising healing, minimising drama. Be entirely honest with yourself about source, motives, pay-offs to achieve ground breaking outcomes, fundamental shifts, thrilling personal growth. Be honest!


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