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There’s a very well known quote by Marc Anthony that goes like this : ‘If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’.  Yeah right, I hear a lot of you saying – much easier said than done!  But is it?

There are many of us who like me, were children in the 60’s and in high school in the 70’s.  Career guidance wasn’t even heard of and women mostly became either secretaries, nurses or teachers.  Today, the opportunities are far greater and there’s nothing that can’t be achieved no matter whether you’re male or female.

But then what about us oldies?  If you were fortunate enough in your earlier years to have found your niche, that something that you’re good at and you enjoy doing, that’s great.  For many of us, life just became something that we did and we turned day over day to make a living and provide for our children.  So I suppose, no matter what age you are, there are very likely many people who have found themselves in similar situations.  I don’t think that’ such a bad thing.

However, it is important that we find something to do that makes us get up in the morning.  And if it isn’t your job, then what is it?  With so many community driven things to become involved in, there actually is no excuse for sitting at home and feeling unfulfilled. 

From my perspective, I stared out as a shorthand typist, eventually working my way up through various marketing positions and managed to step out of the corporate rat-race at the end of 2012.  During that time, I had spent a great deal of my personal time, being a wife and mom and then a grandmother.  But, at the same time, I became very aware of my personal spiritual journey.  In fact, I was about 17 years old, when I started going to the Spiritualist Church in Troyeville and started questioning my life purpose.  Then when I was about 39, I started seriously learning how to become a medium and have been doing readings ever since.

I have come to understand that I have to work to live (I do video production) – but at the same time, I can work in service to others which is what I love and so doing my readings is what makes me get up in the morning.  I love so much that I am afforded the privilege of sharing in the life of others and through the inspiration of loved ones in spirit and my guides, I am given the answers to many of the challenges that people face.  And the benefit for me is that I learn.  I learn every day about life.  I learn every day about people.  I learn every day that we’re all the same – it doesn’t matter what colour we are, it doesn’t matter what work we do, it doesn’t matter what age we are, it doesn’t matter what language we speak at home. 

There is the most amazing common golden thread that unites us all as a human race and when given the opportunity to look past the nonsense and see the very essence of who we all are, I finish what I’m doing and I say thank you.  Thank you for the constant reminder that our connection to each other is beautiful and something to be cherished.  I say thank you that I get to experience our connection to each other through the love of the Great I Am, the Source of all Life.  And I get to say thank you, because I love what I do!

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