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New Souls Create a Necessary Cycle

In our quest to discover who we are, very often the question – “where do new souls come from?” is being asked. And it’s an extremely interesting question and one that no-one really knows the absolute answer to. My understanding is that new souls are created by God; the purpose of which we do not completely know. It can be argued that for us who are already existing souls, we need the constant interaction with other souls to facilitate our spiritual growth. Through the introduction of new souls to co-exist with old souls, a cycle is created whereby those who are in the lead so to speak, are assisted by those who are behind and vice versa. As with a cycle of life for any living creature on the earth, so it is for all living souls.

Understanding that we are not Glynis, or Maureen, or Jared, or Louise, or David is a very big step in the right direction. Rather we are a glorious extension of the Creator who is currently Glynis, Maureen, Jared, Louise and David. A very different perspective on who we are which offers such amazing insight into who we are and probably more importantly, why we are – why we are sensitive, mostly sad, mostly happy, easily depressed, don’t deal well with stress, hate ourselves, love ourselves, love animals, are extremely compassionate, are not compassionate at all – the list can go on forever. The most plausible reason is that we are this awesome soul going through various human experiences, in order to reach absolute perfection ie to be an absolute integral part of the Creator with all of the Creators’ fundamentals.

Thus we should always see ourselves as ‘children’ of God, at varying stages of our own soul’s evolution. To believe that because someone is living out this existence in a space where from our own frame of reference, we would believe is unproductive and a wasted life, is purely our ego being judgemental and us not fully understanding that that person is there because it is the life that they chose for their growth and for the growth of the people around them.   Remember that we are always here for a dual purpose – one, to facilitate our growth and two, to facilitate the growth of those with whom we have contracted to share this lifetime.

It is vitally important that we always see someone else as God – fullstop. What life path they have chosen, is completely theirs and they will answer for all the good and evil done by them on earth, in the very same way that we will when we return to the home of our Father/Mother God. Know always, without any doubt, that the only thing that separates us from each other, is the path that we have chosen for this lifetime and nothing else. Not race, nationality, economic classification, intelligence quota, emotional quota, not religious beliefs – absolutely nothing!

We all have to experience the exact same experiences in order to facilitate our growth. So, at some point we may have been the person who we believe is wasting their life or at some point, we will still have to be that person. And in understanding this, surely it makes it much easier for us to be so much less judgemental and to try to be completely non-judgemental. Our egos are extremely strong and dominate our personalities. It is our egos that allow us to feel superior and make us think we know better. My mother always used to say ‘there for the grace of God go I.” Whether that’s a quote from the bible or not, I’m not sure – I just know that it makes such sense. For it is through His grace and wisdom that we are allowed to be where we are.   And know that it’s a good thing – for whilst it is what you have chosen, it has not been your sole decision. The decision for you to come to the earth to live out any particular existence is a collaboration between you, your guides, your spirit group, and the higher spirits who control all that is, through the great wisdom of the Great I Am.

What a wonderful place we have chosen to be at this time with amazing people who are going through similar hardships and joyful experiences. Know that each one of us is that spark of our Creator and honour and respect that both in yourself and in those around you. Love yourself and you will automatically be able to love others.   Understand yourself and you will automatically understand others.

This is not just a short journey that we are all on – it has already taken aeons and will take many more aeons before we all have reached perfection. So be patient, be kind.

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