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May Numerology Insights

Watch for the whirlwind, keeping your centre strong, so as not to get swept off your feet in a flurry of distractions. With the wind at your back you have an unequal opportunity to expand your world at an accelerated pace, provided you keep your eyes focused on the goals, lest your thoughts become akin to a whirling dervish. Broaden the horizons of your mind, prepared to push back boundaries that previously hampered your ability to experience the lightness of being at the essence of authentic freedom. Be prepared to buck the system, but consider too that whatever you rebel against can trap you. It’s a fine line; use The Observer to stalk motives, logic to determine strategy and outcome, impeccable ruthlessness in letting go of known and trusted shores holding you back from relishing the adventure that is Life. Yoga, especially deep, slow, even, calming, centring breath and kinetic exercise help release stress.

Birth month Your theme

JAN & OCT         Let love unfold, watching which way the wind blows. Let go a little, yield to the truth of your passion, embracing what makes your heart happy. Or walk away from what doesn’t, without a backward glance. Invest heart and energy in family and friends.

FEB & NOV        Create opportunities to withdraw completely, to explore deep within, pondering the essential questions of life, the value or otherwise of your relationships, your loftiest aspirations. Stalk residual stuff around loneliness, embrace the power in being Alone.

MAR & DEC       Use the energy of change to rid yourself of all that’s past it’s sell by date. Hard work, investing in the building blocks of the life you want, pays dividends. Can be an intense time attending to responsibilities, money and legal matters. Balance is key.

APRIL                Total transformation is yours for the taking. Pay close attention to the mirror of life to establish the path most conducive to your evolution and ultimate joy. Adopt a child-like sense of wonderment to appreciate the magic. Remain calm to feel secure.

MAY                   Fresh perspectives prompt new beginnings, a chance to take the reigns and determine direction. Be assertive, not aggressive, in claiming what is rightfully yours. But know – the mightiest sword seldom leaves the scabbard. Establish authentic independence.

JUNE                 Focus on family and feelings, giving care and quiet consideration. Learn to listen, without needing to fix, with heart ever more open, compassion at your core. Let go to emotions, observing the messages they hold, but curtail defensive emotional tirades.

JULY                 Gather information, sift and study, using what you’ve learned to gain a greater sense of order in your domain. Stalk control issues. Use wind to fan fire; start with getting organized. Lists are great motivators. A social, career-oriented cheerful energy prevails.

AUGUST          Structure, based on the reality of your situation, is vital to advancing. Diligence and honest appraisal are catalysts for ground-breaking advancement, denial a short-cut to chaos. Integrity, justice and truth may present opportunities for fundamental healing.

SEPT               Letting go lightly enables grace to comfort. Choices abound; relish freedom, breathe through confusion, leap when certainty is distilled. Logic is yours; use it judiciously, expanding consciousness to establish mastery in embracing the way of the warrior.

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In loving service​

Athelé Oosterbroek

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