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The things you do, say, think and feel today directly influence the life you will have tomorrow.  Bruce van Horn

Perception is reality – this is something that my guides tell me all the time.  Anyone who has studied psychology will also tell you the same thing.  This means that what you feel about your life, what you say and what you think, will affect what you do and probably more importantly how you do it.

I have spoken many times before about our personal truth.  Through our personal truth, we generate the results in life that we believe we deserve.  And it is for this reason that we need to be so aware of the conversations that we have with ourselves. 

The I Am Consciousness or God Consciousness is the all creative energy that exists within the universe.  Through this consciousness we are able to create or generate our world and by that I mean that every day, we all use the creative energy that is given to us by God, to use as we wish.  Isn’t that a scary thought!  The very thought that we have free access to this incredibly powerful energy, should be enough to make us all realise that we are the true owners of our lives.  We are the ones totally and completely responsible for every single interaction and every action that takes place within our lives.  Through the use of this creative energy, we develop our personal truth as well. 

The exciting thing to know here is that we can change our personal truth any time we like.  It is in fact an ever-evolving thought process that we experience on a daily basis.  As we work on the journey that is our physical experience of the existence of our soul, so we are able to become more aware.  And through becoming more aware, we are able to see how much our personal truth is affecting our life whether it’s in a positive or a negative way.  And we get to understand that it is without doubt, how we feel about our life, how we feel about the people around us and how we act and react every day, which produces our reality.  Does this mean that everyone has a different reality?  I think the answer is yes.  You can speak to a group of people who have just been through the very same experience, and each one will have a different way of reporting that experience.  So those who were say quite self-confident may report that the experience didn’t really affect them one way or the other.  Those who were even more self-confident and see the world as a bright and shining place, may report that the experience was amazing.  And those who see the world as a big scary place where they always have to be on the look-out for anyone trying to catch them out or do something bad to them, may report that the experience was just horrific. 

It is in understanding this that I believe we can learn to become less judgemental.  We can become more compassionate and understand that when someone says they’re having a bad day, their experience of that bad day is generated through their frame of reference.  And it is generated through their reality of their world.  So it may be that through your frame of reference, what they are experiencing isn’t a bad day at all because your reality is different to theirs, at that point in time.  And when we understand this, it’s so much easier to feel compassion for each other and to rather try to help each other along our journey, instead of downplaying or minimizing the other person’s experience.

I read on a www.biblestudytools.com that compassion is that human disposition that fuels acts of kindness and mercy. Compassion, a form of love, is aroused within us when we are confronted with those who suffer or are vulnerable.  I like this description.  It makes me feel like if we all could focus on developing our compassion, the world would be such an amazing place to live in.  Just think about how it could empower us all to change our personal truth, to empower us all to create a reality for ourselves that is free of self-doubt, self-loathing and fear – all powerful negative emotions and thought-processes, but nevertheless all impacting on how we allow the world to see us. 

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