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Write your Own Meditation

Have you ever thought about writing your own meditation.  One that resonates with you and takes you into your happy place.  Who’s to say that you can only use meditations that have already been written and whilst there are some really amazing guided meditations that you can use, why not do your own?

Some pointers to help you along the process:

  1. It’s advisable to go through a relaxation exercise where you would consciously relax your body starting from your toes and working all the way up.
  2. Consider your favourite place which would be somewhere that you like to be and picture this image within your mind’s eye. Take yourself to that place and imagine all the things you would see.
  3. Whilst you’re imagining this space, include in your meditation time to focus on your breathing – just as a reminder as breathing helps with relaxation.
  4. Take yourself as deep as you feel comfortable within your space or you could include a few minutes where you allow the guides to take you off into a space of their choice and then it’s about trusting that this process will be a safe and enjoyable one.
  5. Include a piece of tranquil music that you particularly enjoy. This will add ambience and assist with your relaxation.  It will also assist in keeping you in a meditative state.

It’s advisable to keep your meditation reasonably short, so ten to twelve minutes max.  Anything longer than that can make you feel like you’re having to really work at staying in the moment and then meditating becomes a chore and you don’t want that to happen.

You can include anything that you feel drawn to, so imagining your guide with you or taking a few moments to invoke the angels to work with you.

If you’re in need of healing, then let the meditation that you choose to write, have a focus on healing.  You can picture white light coming down from the Great I Am with healing angels and guides surrounding you.

You can imagine all your chakras with their different colours, as spinning vortexes spinning out into the universe and see the white light entering each colour and being drawn back into your body.  This will enable you to balance your chakras as well as invoke healing through your energy points.

No matter what it is that you choose to do for yourself, remember that there’s no right or wrong way to meditate.  As long as your intent is for a good outcome, it doesn’t even matter if you don’t see anything.  As you get more in tune with your own meditation, you will find yourself picking up subtle things or feelings etc.  Know that as long as you feel good when you’re done, you’ve done a good job!

Lastly, we all have access to a way to record ourselves whether that be on our PC or our phones.  When you’ve written your meditation and you’re happy with it, then take the time to record it, so that you can play it back when you choose your time for meditation and you don’t have to try to remember what you wrote.

I hope that you find this inspiring and would love to see your meditation so please send it through – we can publish it for others to share, if that’s okay with you.

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