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Let God allow the process

Let Go and Allow the Process to Unfold

What an exciting time to be alive! This Hindu Gayatri mantra is at this time, most fitting :


O God, The Giver of Life,

Remover of pains and sorrows,

Bestower of happiness, and

Creator of the Universe;

Thou art luminous, pure and adorable;

We meditate on Thee;

May Thou inspire and guide

Our intellect in the right direction


Many people have spent their entire adult life searching for proof of their identity only to concede to the fact that there was no answer to be found. However, some people have been able to go beyond the self-protective veil that separates their identity from normal consciousness through a process of focusing their imagination and extended awareness on the reality of universal consciousness.

This very personal state of consciousness can only be reached through a process that feels unforced and natural to us. All of us are in a process of awakening to our real identity, and if we can temporarily let go of all memory and stay in the present moment long enough, eventually we will understand who we actually are.

By letting go of all thoughts associated with the past, we find ourselves in a suspended state without any reference points to give us comfort. As the mind withdraws from its comfort zone of recycled images and dialogue, it begins to let go of the physical world. As we let go of the physical world, we become more vulnerable. As we become more vulnerable, we become more open. As we become more open, we begin to realise more of our metaphysical nature. As we realise more of our metaphysical nature, we begin to recognise the dynamic metaphysical aspects of our mind. As we begin to recognise the dynamic metaphysical aspects of our mind, we begin to see there is not one thing in our mind that can help us realise our own identity.

It is all about letting go and allowing the unfolding process to be what it is. As we let go and gently begin to drift into a state of being unmoved by conditions, we are able to focus our awareness on quieting the intellectual mind. As the intellectual mind becomes more tranquil, a state of dissolving into consciousness itself begins to unfold. As we dissolve into consciousness itself, we are able to focus our imagination and extended awareness into a single point of serenity inside our mind. As this single point of serenity is experienced, we can expand the experience and allow it to embrace our deepest nature.

As our deepest nature rests within the embrace of serenity, we can let go of any remaining distractions and become one with the light of our true being. When we are one with the light of our true being, we can hear the silence. As we hear the silence, we become calm. When we are calm, we can let go of all that separates us from truth.  When we finally realise our own personal truth, we are set free of all hindrances, inhibitions and insecurities that hold us back and prevent us from experiencing that inner calm and beauty that is our birthright.

Many people experience feelings of insecurity and conflict that churns deep within them.  These insecurities and conflicts are the Universe pushing us towards seeking change – now is the time to change everything that goes against the grain of what we believe to be our inner truth and belief systems that have kept us grounded going right back to a time of our very first memories.

To be means to be in the present moment. For it is only in the depth of an experienced present that the past and future, and the transition from one to the other, have meaning. This is the time for all of us to reject what others have chosen for us. This can be the day we discover our own true purpose. A purpose based on the joy of creating the person who we really want to be now, in the present. This can be our defining moment as individuals, to choose everything that we want to experience in this world. There will only be proactive experiences, no more reactive experiences. We will engage and create not wait and debate. To continue on the same path that was chosen for us by someone else, or to continue to choose to be unhappy, or to continue to choose to live in a negative state of mind, is a choice that goes against our true nature. Everything about the way we live is the way it is because it is what we have chosen. When something is not right, we can change it.

Change the things you are able to, accept the things you cannot, and have the sense to know the difference. Our brain is set up to deliver the visual presentation of the world we are experiencing right now. We have the power to alter this visual presentation of the world we receive from our brain anytime we decide to make an adjustment in our daily physical or mental routines. Some people choose to do this by simply being more open-minded. Just having the willingness to change causes us to change within the context of our view of the world. It also causes a form of revitalisation of hope for a world that can be deeply rational. Even as it makes clear there may be limits to our reasoning. The only real difference there is between us is how we express ourselves or the level of effort we are willing to provide to change our mind with new information.

Go deep within the silence of your innermost being, and know that you are God – with infinite understanding and creative power beyond your wildest imagination.  And when you sit in that inner silence, focus on your connection to that infinite knowledge and creative supremacy.  Fashion for yourself a bond that cannot be broken, a bond that forever links your conscious mind to the great I Am, the source of everything that is, the wisdom and power that has no measure.

Live your life every day, from that innermost all-consuming connection, knowing that your every desire can be fulfilled, that your every want is known and satisfied and that it is only the limitations that you set for yourself, that prevents you from experiencing the joy of life in abundance.  Every single one of us is exactly the same. Do not compare yourself to someone you perceive to be above yourself for in doing so, this perception will become your reality.  Through our failure to perceive ourselves as absolute perfection, we set ourselves up for disappointment and a life less significant than others.

If only we would acknowledge the things that make us turn away and allow ourselves to soften them with the presence of mind that defines our identity in the only time that is real which is now in the present. If only we would allow ourselves to understand that life itself has to be in the moment where consciousness is expanding.

Live every moment as if it truly were your last.  Don’t sweat the little things and be discerning with what you perceive to be the big things.  Become consciously aware of the illusions in life and constantly ask yourself whether what you are experiencing is real and have the courage to set aside that which you know are depleting your energy resources with no reward in sight.  Remember that the reward we all seek is total conscious enlightenment and spiritual perfection.

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