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Spiritual Cleansing – A Way to Cleanse your Aura

Spiritual Cleansing is a technique used in psychic readings to dispel negative energy. We have negative energy surrounding us purely because we interact with other people and exchange energy whether consciously or not. This negative energy can be responsible for the many difficult things that happen within our lives and cleansing our auras can help to dispel this negative energy.

Your aura is a subtle, luminous radiation that surrounds you. It’s similar to a halo you might see in a religious painting and in fact if you are able to see that halo around someone, you are in fact seeing their Etheric body. If you practice meditation and are familiar with chakras, you probably know how a clean aura can have an impact on your life. Many of us sense each other’s auras especially around people who are having a very difficult time and are surrounded by negativity. If these people don’t take the time to cleanse their aura, there are ways for them to have their auras cleansed and this can be achieved through different modalities such as Reiki.

Spiritual cleansing practices vary greatly. What some people think is a spiritual cleansing may be considered gibberish by another. Believing in spiritual cleansing is half the battle in accomplishing it.

There are several ways in which to use spiritual cleansing to cleanse an aura. Many people will use the help of a spiritual guide or teacher. Others will seek out the help of a healing practitioner – I highly recommend this. However, remember that we are all able to invoke the creative energy of the Great I Am and when we do something with intent, it will always come about.

While techniques vary, the same ending is what is desired. Here are some tips to help you use spiritual cleansing to cleanse your aura or that of another person.

1. Prepare the room. Many feel this is the most important part of the aura spiritual cleaning process. Clean the room, sweep the floor, and smudge or fume the room with sage to locate the positive vibration.

2. Meditate and check your Chakras before your friend or loved one arrives for the spiritual cleansing. It’s best to be a positive as you can be before you begin the aura cleansing project. You can strengthen this through a few quiet moments just connecting with the Universal Consciousness or even listening to beautiful music that allows you to move into an alpha state of mind.

3. When they arrive, have them lie down and relax. Have your friend close their eyes and begin to inhale and exhale rhythmically. Ask your friend to stay focused and not to talk during the cleansing. The same applies for if you’re going to do the cleansing for yourself.

4. Begin the cleansing by holding your hands about six inches from your friend’s body. Open yourself to their aura and energy. Starting at the very top, work your way down to the feet. Remember any places that seem cold or hot, or that you sense a problem with, is Spirit guiding you. You may feel that you need to pause or hover over that particular area for a few moments longer. Have your friend roll over and repeat. This is a little difficult for you to achieve yourself. In this instance, I would recommend that whilst laying down, you picture the cleansing taking place within your minds eye, in much the same way, but with the assistance of a healing angel or guide.

5. When you have finished with this part of the aura spiritual cleansing, use your hands to fluff up the aura. This technique is similar to how you would fluff up someone’s hair. Do this step without touching your friend’s body. Once again, if you’re doing this for yourself, you’ll imagine this within your mind with the help of a healing angel or guide.

6. Now, beginning at that the head of the body, visualise wiping away the negative energy. Shake your hands off, to your side (not over the person) as if they are wet and you don’t have a towel. This will help remove the negative energy that may cling to you. Once again, the same can take place within your minds eye.

7. Go back to the head again and begin locating the hot and cold areas from earlier. If it feels hot, then attempt to project coolness and vice versa. Once complete, wipe your friend down again and shake your hands as often as you feel you need to. It does no good to cleanse another’s aura, only to need an additional spiritual cleansing yourself. And of course, if this does become necessary, you know that you can do it for yourself with the help of Spirit.

8. Talk to your friend. Advise them to speak with a doctor if you feel the hot and cold areas had something to do with your friend’s health. It’s amazing how powerful talking to someone can be. By just allowing them to offload, can help tremendously towards the healing process. Do bear in mind that you don’t want to become bogged down with other people’s problems and whether or not you’re aware of it, whatever advice or assistance you offer to them at that time, is actually coming through your guides. So, ask your angels or your guides (whichever you believe in) to ensure that when you are finished, you will not feel the weight of your friend’s problems on your shoulders and having had this session with them, will not have drained you of your energy. Ask them to refill your energy and make it whole again.

9. After your friend leaves, be sure to cleanse the room again and your own aura as well, to remove and trace of negativity.

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