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Spiritually Gifted Autistic Children

Sometimes, we can look at an autistic child and they seem to be in a far off world, very disconnected from the present moment and from this reality.

What I have discovered from working with these beautiful children over a span of 20 years in various school boards, is that they actually have a strong connection to a Divine Source and to other realities. By other realities, I mean they are in direct connection with another level of awareness.  This is of great interest to me as one of my other passion is the Alternative Health field, primarily working with Autistic children using energy medicine. So I am keenly aware of these aspects in children. From a spiritual perspective we are all energy beings and are connected to a Divine Source. A lot of autistic children I have observed still retain this direct connection.

I found it really fascinating when working in different school boards, that frequently these children were not just communicating verbally, but were using alternative forms of communication. Many autistic children I have noticed are very visual learners, responding well to visual cues and often communicate using drawings and pictures.

I was working in a school as a student support worker with a kindergarten child who had not been integrated into school or left his mom before. I became very close to this child. This child was a runner (as soon as he got a chance he would run off out through any open door) so I had to keep a keen eye on him. His name was “ Simon,” had many screaming tantrums and was pretty wild. My job was to integrate him into Kindergarten. His energy was full of joy, laughter and play in between his tantrums. Initially he stayed for an hour a day, gradually we were able to build that time up to staying all morning within a few weeks. Sometimes when he had a meltdown, I would take him to the gym and I would make a point of being in a calm peaceful place not even talking to him. I could see him calming down and his body relaxing and by the time we got to the gym, he would play with a ball and giggle throwing it into the basketball hoop.

Many autistic children are very sensitive to the moods and energies of other people and exude an energy of unconditional love and joy. Being also very sensitive to the energies of other people  after doing reiki for over 18 years, I now realize this is a blessing to have, but took me many years in the beginning to accept this. I now see them as spiritual gifts. I am so honoured to be in the presence of these amazing spiritually aware children.
Sometimes when I sat beside “ Simon” when he was working in the classroom, he would look into my eyes and touch me on my forehead and then smile and send me a telepathic picture of his yellow circle. I would smile and look into his eyes and say thank you back to him verbally. He was obsessed with the yellow circle and on every picture he drew it, this was his trademark..like a signature..

I have found that many autistic children have very high vibrational energies. What I mean by this is quite often they are not grounded in their bodies and they seem to be functioning at a higher mental level. They may be very abstract and sometimes quite cerebral. I’ve noticed many autistic children are not in contact with the more fluid, feminine, creative, right brain, but can be quite structured and logical and literal. This is what I love about these children. Some people feel that autistic children are cold and unemotional, but I have experienced them from a far different perspective. These children in my experience can be very loving, compassionate and caring. I would like to share an experience about a teenager with autism and tourettes, who assisted me in giving his mother a reiki session. Here is an excerpt from my journal.

“ I saw it“ “Sam “ shrieked. I asked him “What did you see.” He said ” I saw a silver energy with blue coming from your hands and now it is on my mom.” “My mom has a silver blue light around her stomach.” I was astounded by his comments. It was so beautiful. He started to place his hands above his mom and did some form of energy work on her. Wow, it was a blessing and an honour to be in his presence. He looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, no need for words to communicate. At the end he beamed a smile and said to me: “I am here to look after my mom and heal her.” She was very sick with heart disease. Tears welled up in my eyes, as I was so touched by his warmth, compassion and caring for his mom. Apparently “Sam” is quite aggressive and has a hard time integrating at school, but in this situation was able to be himself. Even as I was writing this, my eyes welled up with tears, having been so profoundly touched by an autistic child.

I am always surprised by these wonderful children, how much love, care and compassion they can have for other people, animals and nature.

I would like to share with you an example I have experienced of an autistic child being very sensitive to another person’s energy and then responding with care, concern and compassion. I was supporting “Su”, a grade 8 student. She was very sensitive to other people and how they felt. She was a beautiful girl, who was really blossoming at school. I was there to support her transition into high school. One day the English teacher was feeling a little fed with some of the behaviours from some of the grade 8s. “ Su” went up to the teacher and put her hand on her arm and asked “Are you ok?, you seem sad”. I was amazed how thoughtful she was. The teacher replied “I am feeling sad, but it is not you”. Su said “I wanted to make sure you were alright and that I did not make you sad.” I was extremely touched by how much emotion and compassion this child showed. She actually showed more concern than the rest of the children in the class.

I am just so grateful and honoured to be working with these children as I can see sides to them that are so touching and I love connecting with these beautiful spiritual beings.

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  1. Wow this article is very close to home. My son turns 4 in May and isn’t talking as yet he has been in occupational therapy since Jan 2016 and has made much progress and shifts. I don’t have a formal diagnosis but I think it’s safe to assume he is autistic as he exhibits alot of autistic traits. I often wonder if there is an alternative method of healing I could try to help him with his delay in verbal communication but have no idea where to start

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