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Staying in Touch with Reality

I thought today I’d write a little about our thoughts and our perceptions and how much they create our reality.  As you know, our perceptions do definitely create our reality, so if we believe something then that will be how we see it.  Take for instance, at this point in time, you’re feeling very much like you can’t seem to get anywhere in your life.  Everyone you interact with treats you badly, doesn’t want to hear what you have to say and doesn’t actually care about whether you’re around or not, or what your opinion is.

Whether you can relate to this exact scenario or not, you need to understand that those feelings of rejection is exactly what will cause you to be rejected.  And I say this because if you believe it is true, all your choices flow from that belief.  So if you believe that you’re being rejected all the time, then you are more likely to be making choices in our life that will prevent you or protect you from being rejected.  What follows then is that you will begin to isolate yourself from becoming involved in anything that allows you to completely experience life, because of the fear of rejection.  I hope that makes sense to you.  Another example would be say if you believe that you are fat the choices that you make will be those that prevent you from eating too much or eating food that is nourishing and sufficient intake for you for the day.  It can cause you to develop eating disorders that eventually overtake your life and are very difficult to break away from.

At the risk of repeating myself, my guide always says that what you pay attention to you become conscious of.  This means that the things that you focus on, like your fears, whether they are actually founded or not, is what you become conscious of.  So you will find yourself in a continuous spiral of creating a reality for yourself that actually isn’t reality at all.  And because of the choices that you make, you will find yourself going around in circles bringing about those things in your life that are exactly what you don’t want.

The secret is to keep it real.  In one of my previous articles I shared with you how my guide advised a lady who came to me for a reading, to make a list of those things that she can control and those that she cannot.  We need to make ourselves consciously aware of our thoughts and our perceptions to ensure that we focus our energy on what we can control and let go of the things that we cannot.

This is so important because it ensures that we make choices that are based on what is actually happening in our life and what we actually can manage.  And what will flow from those choices, is bringing into our lives that which we do want.  Say for instance, you have always believed that you’re not good enough – be that for whatever it is in your space.  So you maybe always wanted to be a commercial air pilot.  But, you haven’t explored this option, because you believe that you’re not capable of making split-second decisions and the thought of having so many lives depending on you at any one time is just way too daunting.  How would you know, if you didn’t try!  This may be an extreme example, but the point I’m trying to make is that if we don’t allow ourselves to extend beyond that which we fear, we will never have the opportunity to look back at our lives and say, well I may not have succeeded, but I did my best.  All we’ll have is regret.

I’m sure I’ve never heard anyone say with great enthusiasm on their deathbed, I didn’t try and I’m happy with that! And yes, there more than likely will be some things at the end of our lives that we regret.  Some things that we wish we hadn’t done, but the point is that with hindsight they are things that we wish we didn’t do, they should never be because we didn’t even give it a go, that we have regret.

My wish for you today is to remember that the choices that you make flow from what you believe and make the conscious decision to become aware of how you see yourself and what you believe of yourself, so that the choices that you make are ones that benefit you in every way possible.  You are beautiful.  You are deserving.  You are worthy.

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