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Everything that exists in this Universe is a Vibration; and Space everywhere is filled with different kinds of vibrations that are layered over each other and within each other. A vibration is an oscillation, a motion through space, and this takes time.

It is said that because all is Vibration, then it is all Sound on some level.

This can be felt to be true in the microcosm, where electrons oscillating extremely fast around protons, create sound in realms far higher than our perception. Likewise in the macrocosm, planetary orbits are oscillations in a far greater time and space than we can perceive; we can work out the pitches (notes) of these annual orbits around the sun by doubling their frequencies, raising their deep pitch until we get to the human hearing range.


“Imagine a Planet, far from the Sun, moving at great speed;

An orbit that occupies a Space far beyond our everyday patience to consider.

Try to feel its extremely long journey once around the Sun as a single pulse,

And how this extra-long vibration is creating an extra-deep note of Sound;

A ‘humming’ way down in a dark rumble of ‘beyond-sound’.”

Vibration translated into Sound is not always so clear-cut, for instance, what is the sound of a smell? Is the fragrance of a flower music? Maybe in the flower’s reality, its smell is its song; but that would be in some other dimension. Further still, out of that flower, come emanations that an insect is seeing with its eyes, yet we are experiencing those same vibrations as a smell!

Different creatures and life forms have very different ways of perceiving the same world.

Bats and dolphins see the environment through sound. A snake sees the light that we emit, as infrared in our heat; a bee sees into the ultraviolet realm where light and colour also disappears for us. Birds can ‘see’ magnetic field lines through senses in their eyes. (We also have magnetic sensors in some of our cells but have dulled our sensing of them).

We are literally ‘swimming in an ocean of unseen vibrations’. Our physical senses are extremely limited, blinding us from most of the vibrations that exist all around us, including ones being emitted by us. And any two life forms may tune into the same vibrations and pick them up with a different ‘frequency receptor’, i.e. their sense organ, and have a completely different experience of the same event.

A clairvoyant may see what a clairaudient hears, both tuning into the same vibration through different realms.

Vibrations come from somewhere…

To illustrate vibrations patterning invisible ‘physical’ Space, let me share my story of many years ago when I met an alchemist who worked with metal. During different seasonal and celestial events, he melted a blob of Tin and then would carefully tip the iron spoon, the molten tin falling into a bucket of cold water and popping into a shape.

On his shelf were examples of many very varying shapes and textures, from solid lumps differently stretched or bundled, to finely woven tapestry-like structures. Although there was always the same amount of tin used, I thought to myself of all the variables to take into account that could have been responsible for the many shapes, such as how the hand tipped the spoon and how that molten blob of tin then hit the water.

One night I witnessed him doing this procedure during a lunar eclipse. Every half hour or so, he melted tin and what emerged from the water in the series of seven shapes through the course of the eclipse, changed my life. There was a common shape through all of them, unfolding from one to the next; each consecutive shape opened a little more, each with a tiny stalk in the middle like an Arum Lilly blossoming.


Some great unseen, dynamic force field had been made visible, permeating matter to structure it, in this alchemical event. It’s not to be understood with the rational mind, or to be given some ‘meaning’; it’s simply to embrace and feel into; how unseen energies of all sorts impart patterning on Life everywhere, and how Space itself carries these multi-dimensional patterns.


Imagine the Sun, emanating outwards from its Core, its energy travelling great expanses of dark Space. This energy touches our atmosphere, which then “breathes” this energy between high and low pressure air. This wind then blows, imparting its energy upon the surface of the sea, and swells are born.  It is not the water that moves; the swell is an invisible energy, not of the ocean itself. The water simply moves up and down in a circular motion as this energy passes through and then the water comes back to rest. Long after the wind has stopped blowing, the swell continues through expanses of new waters out in the open ocean. At the shore, this invisible energy is met with the presence of Earth rising, and Waves are born. Now the water topples and is activated into real motion for the first time. The waves that surfers ride are children of the invisible swell energy and the patterning of Earth rising to meet it from below.

Sound is also a vibration moving through the air (or liquid or solid). The ripples go outwards from the source of the sound, in a 3D expanding sphere, moving through the air, and again, the air itself is not moving. The Vibrations are emanating from something that is not the air, and it is not the sound; it is coming from beyond the sound.

And when these vibrations rippling through the air, fall upon ears, like waves of the ocean, children of the unseen, Sound is perceived…

Our Essence is an invisible swell moving through this ever-changing body. Cells are dying and being replaced with newly born ones every three weeks to eighteen months, and so every few years we literally have a completely different body.

Yet we are still our self.


‘Flowing from another Dimension is the emanation of our Soul

Rippling through this Space-Time continuum that we call ‘our lifetime’

Like a swell that is ‘not the water’

Here and Now

Feel the Swell of I am/Presence’

David Tomsu has been studying sound and frequency for three decades, in nature and in sound’s structuring. An award-winning musician and composer, he plays many instruments including Umrhupe and Uhadi (harmonic bows), bamboo flutes and panpipes, guitars, drums, didgeridoo, bowls, African harps…He is an instrument builder, a visual artist, a Ceremonial Space holder, a body-soul-integration therapist and a gardener. This article is excerpts from his online course ‘Sound Cosmology’. Enquiries via email david.shamanzi@gmail.com

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