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Finding peace and accepting who we are, is, for all of us, a continuous journey of revelation, introspection and challenge.  So much of our self is revealed to us through ‘aha’ moments.  Those moments that make us stop in our tracks.  Those moments that force us to reflect on our reactions and actions in certain situations, interactions and events.

When we are forced to look at ourselves, literally facing up to who we are, it is easy to hide behind excuses and find blame outside of ourselves.  But when we consciously accept that our perception is our reality and therefore how we react and interact is based on our perception of our reality, then we can begin to see that self-blame and pity is useless and just wasted energy. And we begin to see that seeking blame outside the self, is just as futile.

So what do you we do, I hear you ask.  Self-acceptance leads to acceptance of others, which creates a ripple effect into the world. So begin by accepting yourself and your life choices.  Accept that everything is as it is because of the choices that you have made, even if some of those choices have been because of circumstances outside of your control.  Know that the path that you walk is one for your benefit and growth.  Know that the path that you walk is the only thing that separates you from someone else and when you can totally accept that this is so, both self-acceptance and acceptance of others will come naturally and you will find yourself wondering why you ever wrestled with the concept in the first place!

We need to traverse the continuous journey of our soul, treading our path as it is lit for us.  There will be times when our path runs parallel with others and there will be times when it runs transverse.  It doesn’t matter either way.  Accept that we are all different, yet at the same time, all the same.  We cannot be anything else as we are all an expression of the Great I Am, the Mighty Creative Spirit that created all that is and continues to create all that is and ever will be.  There is a greater universal plan which is watched over at all times by the Great Lords of the Universe with wisdom, love and understanding to a degree that we cannot fathom.

Accept your path and make the absolute most of it.  Not through playing the role of the victim but through playing the role of the victor.  Through every bit of your life journey, there will always be good times and there will always be bad times.  Know that the bad will always be outweighed by the good and that nothing ever comes your way that you cannot handle.  Find your inner peace and hold on to it with a fury and determination that makes you work every day.

Becoming complacent and relaxed does not help you to grow and you cannot grow until you have that deep-seated comfort and knowledge that you are guided daily and looked after daily and that your lessons are for you but can be shared at the same time.  Make your inner peace your life goal, achieve it and constantly work to maintain it – seek yee first the kingdom of God, and all things will be added unto you.

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