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In our struggle to make sense of ourselves and our world, we have often try to explain or enact our feelings of isolation, separation and longing. Many of today’s organised religions are not able to offer explanations and people are often told that there are things that you don’t question. In the East reincarnation and karma are accepted and people are more aware of why they have incarnated on this earth. The spiritual importance of gender difference has also gained more importance in the Western way of thinking. We often wonder whilst having the human experience if we may have been a man or a woman in another lifetime. Of course in our soul-need to gain spiritual perfection, we must experience all that life has to offer.

We can only reach perfection having lived all the different facets of life that there is on offer. The Creative Power that exists in all, is available for each to use as it sees fit and may be complementary or conflicting and discordant. The Creative Power is expressing individuality in all of creation, and does not ‘care’ how this power is used. You as individuals have been given free-will to express that energy within you as you see fit. There is quite a lot of controversy over this subject. How can you have free will and yet you chose certain aspects of your life before incarnating. If you have free will should you not be able to have and do what you think is right for yourself now? Everything is perfect in your life now at this moment.

You may not think so with the human mind, but all the controversy and the harmony are perfect as they should be at the right moment in all of creation. All the major decisions for your souls growth whilst you are on this earth were the decisions made by you before you incarnated. The way you handle each situation as it presents itself is the expression of your free will. This is also what enables you to grow on a soul level.

Men are brothers one to another through their kinship of spirit; all were sent forth from the Source of All Life in the beginning as sparks of life. All are equal and of the same essence. All are children of the supreme Parent, and in this sense, no man is greater or more important than his brother. The discarnate guides and teachers who are little higher up the mountain side look down on the battlefield of life, seeing, not the uniform of the soldier in conflict with his fellow, but the soul and spirit within the outer covering. They see the soul aflame. They understand the sorrows and the human weaknesses common to every living soul, and they know that in the course of evolution, all will emerge strong and radiant, victorious over the difficulties and conflicts of earthly life.

As man’s spirit, the divine energising spark of life sent forth from the Source, descends into action through the various planes of consciousness until at last it reaches the outermost, the physical, it creates about itself that body, that garment, that temple, which we call the soul. As the spirit descends on the arc, it is gaining experience, it is becoming individualised. When in its densest form, it seems entirely merged in self, in a personality which during the effort of growth has to a degree become what you call ‘selfish’. Even this has its purpose, because in the end it brings about soul growth. But while in its lowest depths, immersed as it is in self, the soul seeks, as the animal does, only for its own pleasure and power.

Every single feeling we have must be acknowledged and allowed to exist in a clear and non judgmental manner so that each feeling may be seen for what it is, an impermanent state of mind passing through the essence of mind itself. No event in our life can exist in isolation. Everything we go through has a purpose. Nothing happens in life that is not ultimately beneficial to our growth. Everything we do is part of a process that we experience to become more aware. Eventually, everything we do guides us to success. There is nothing we can do to avoid any moment of experience but we can cultivate an openness to be present for each moment we experience. We must not conceal or deny anything to know truth.

The evolution of human awareness can be explained as a means of determining to what extent the human condition can be deliberately transformed by empirical evidence.  Human beings can be irrational, unaware and lacking in sufficient understanding to control their own being. It is only when a person stops thinking as a physical being that they begin to understand the answers to their fundamental problems are found in their metaphysical being. All of us are trying to find meaning in the events and experiences of our lives.

Through personal experience and being taken out of our comfort zone, challenged beyond anything we have known, personal growth is facilitated in a way and to a degree that cannot immediately be conceived. The marvellous outcome is that your faith will be renewed on so many different levels.  It is at this time that we are touched by so many people that we come to a renewed realisation that we are not meant to live our lives alone and more importantly that we are not meant to struggle through adversity alone.  Through love and support our bonds as family are strengthened. The love and support that we receive from friends and acquaintances, strengthens our trust in humanity and gives us upliftment when we need it most. The beautiful lesson that we learn is that nothing ever happens by chance, everything is as it should be and that only good can come out of even the most challenging times.


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