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The Sign

The Sign You’re Looking For

For a lot of people, the journey into searching for a connection to the Spirit World begins with the passing of a loved one.  There is that absolute need to know that their loved one has arrived safely on the other side and that they will be taken care of.  There is also that absolute need to know that they will still be able to hear from them, and know that they are with them in some way.  And so, along with that journey, the search for a sign from heaven begins.

For others, along their spiritual journey, there is that desire to know that they are not alone.  That desire to know that they have a guide who watches over them every day and who can inspire them and help guide them along their spiritual path.  Here too, the search for a sign from the guides, or from the angels, begins.

How is it that we recognize these signs?  Whether they be from a loved one or from our spirit guide.  Usually our loved ones will make us smell a particular perfume or after shave.  They may also make us smell tobacco either from a cigarette or a pipe or they will send us beautiful little insects like butterflies, and dragon flies.  They also have the ability to send birds to us or even to give us a message from someone else living on the earth.  Our guides and the angels use every possible means to let us know that they are around.  They will make us become aware of a particular colour, a number sequence, we may find ourselves looking at the clock at the same time every day.  We may hear our favourite song on the radio and here too our loved ones may inspire the DJ of the radio station that we’re listening to, to play a favourite song that will remind us of them.

The secret is to ask for the signs and the to look for them.  Sometimes, we find ourselves so busy in the day, and so connected into what is happening around us, that we fail to see the signs being sent to us.  We may also ask for a particular sign, then forget about it and even though it has been shown to us, we don’t see it.  We really do need to know that our loved ones in spirit are around us al the time, as are our guides and the angels.  Therefore, we need to talk to them.  It may feel a little silly in the beginning but as you get used to the energy that comes with those conversations, so you will come to recognize the signs that are connected to those conversations as well.

When you are working on connecting to your guides, it takes time and dedication.  You need to set aside time every day to meditate with our intent being on connecting to them.  As you progress through this daily practise, you will find that you become aware of certain things that happen around you when in meditation.  You feel someone lightly brushing your cheek.  You feel a slight change in the airflow around you – it may warm up or cool down.  You may get a sensation of ringing in your ears or you may feel that someone is holding your hand.

When this happens, you need to ask telepathically, who it is that you’re connecting to so that you will come to recognize whether this is your guide or perhaps a loved one in spirit that you are connecting to in your meditation time.  It is possible for us all to connect to the more subtle energies of the spirit world.  And know that your guides, the angels and loved ones reside within the same space, some on a higher frequency, some on a lower frequency, nevertheless one world, just as we reside on one planet, the earth.  And just as it is easy to connect to someone who is closer to you on the earth, so it is to connect to someone closer to you in the spirit world.

The secret to successfully recognizing the signs, is to not give up.  Please never tell yourself that you can’t do it.  Remember that anything that you want enough, you will achieve.  Of course, sometimes it is easier to connect to a loved one than to a guide, just because you recognize the vibration of the loved one much easier than you recognize the vibration of the guide.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t connect.  And by connection, I don’t mean, having a full on conversation.  Which is why I say, look for the signs that they bring, because within those moments, you will know that they are with you.

If you’d like to learn more about how to see the signs, or how to connect to your guides and loved ones, please never hesitate to pop me an email or send me a whatsapp.

I remain as always

Yours in service


Here is a link to a video that I put up on my Spirit Connection YouTube Channel a while ago, explaining our guides leave little signs for us all the time – enjoy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNVWkPn2i0Q

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