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One of the principles of Yoga practice is that of connecting to nature. It’s important that we honour, and change with the seasons, just as nature does.

During the winter the energy of the earth and its creatures are drawn inward, and we as Humans get to explore our bodies with an inward energetic experience. We can use this time for introspection and restoration, like animals use this time for hibernation. It is a time for slowing down and finding your truth again…

At this time of year we are susceptible to respiratory Illnesses, poorer circulation and joint pain. And often more negative emotions. We are more likely to experience feelings of heaviness in mind, body and spirit, as well as sluggishness, lower energy levels and seasonal depression.

Practicing Yoga postures with meditations and breathing exercises allows you to open the heart, support your mind and keep your body moving to support the respiratory system. More benefits of yoga in the winter months include; warming the kidneys and other internal organs of the body as well as the joints and muscles for the improvement of circulation. Yoga supports the lymphatic systems which builds immunity and increases flexibility. All this awakens our inner fire which helps to improve digestion and burn away toxicity and emotional blockage.

The simple recipe for Yoga is to breathe, move and going inwardly. The heart is the centre of the communication system. With each beat it is transmitting electromagnetic fields and signals through the conduits of the body like the cardiovascular system and the fascial system. It is also creating and sending sounds of waves and pressure waves, which are communication signals too.

There are 3 ways we use energy in body transportation, transformation and communication.

Communication is the most subtle energy, and is responsible for the more mysterious benefits of our yoga practice. Energy for transportation is obvious. We use energy to move things around the body. Blood is moved by pumping the heart that takes energy. Cells move through our tissue, our muscles contract to move our limbs, all these use transportation energy. Transformation changes things for the benefit of other organs. Saliva begins to transform starches into simpler sugars. The stomach converts our food to digest and absorb nutrients, as well as detoxifying unhealthy substances, all of which uses transformation energy.

Yoga is a useful practice in the winter, since it helps bring alignment into the whole being; mind, body and soul. You will even choose healthier eating options, once the body’s juices start to flow, helping to nurture and strengthen your system.

I recommend my personal favourite, the Yoga Dragon Dance sequence, as it brings the combination of both yin and yang yoga. It’s a blend of Indian and Daoist Yoga, designed to simulate and remove energy blockages in the flow of energy (prana or chi) through directed awareness, breath and movement. It is great for people who want to experience that mystical thing call energy. It is a whole body workout and will challenge your ego too. Flexibility is not just a physical quality, we also need flexible minds. Learning the dance will challenge you mentally and hopefully build neural plasticity in the brain. At some point you might even experience the dragon’s fire. After that, the dance will enter the yin stage, holding each position for a couple of breaths to strengthen and open the joints. The final relaxation will allow the body to marinate in the salacious energies that you stimulated. This will enhance the healing and strengthening process within you.

To learn more of the Yoga Dragon Dance please view my online classes.

Take the opportunity this winter to dive more deeply into your yoga practice. By exploring the inner realms and making peace with ourselves and our bodies. By letting go of long buried, negative self-defeating emotions and behaviors. Clearing the slate so that we may live more completely with an abundance of health, happiness and well-being.




Amalia has been a Pilates Instructor and Yoga teacher for over 15 years. She started the journey by discovering the self-healing, therapeutic and rehabilitation benefits of its power within her own body.

Her career took her on a complete holistic approach to life and she became a Mindfulness Meditation Master Teacher, Reiki Independent Master, Access Consciousness Practitioner, Holistic Life Coaching, Mindfulness Eating Teacher, Yogalates expert!

Amalia has travelled far and wide from Europe, Mauritius, Dubai and Africa where her hearts lies. Amalia took on Yoga and Meditation to show the less fortunate the blessings behind the practice of mindfulness living.

Amalia works hand in hand with Medical Practitioners to help you, the client, to receive the best rehabilitations methods to heal naturally. Whether practicing or teaching, Amalia approaches wellness with love, integrity and openness. The positive energy she brings into her teachings nurtures and respects the individuality of each student or client.

Amalia’s passion for teaching and healing is rooted in her passion for movement and commitment to healthy, mindful living.

AMALIA AIMS TO HELP ALL, Regardless of experience or skill level – from participation to sustainable lifestyle practices through approachable and fun services.

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