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Thoughts on Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card reading is normally associated with fortune- telling/ predictions, but mostly, Tarot is a guiding tool. It assists you in understanding what is surrounding you, your thoughts, aspirations, wishes/desires.  It does explain to you where and how you should concentrate on any matter which may arise. And there are always questions in one’s mind, all the time.

Sometimes you are not even aware of the questions you need to ask. The cards highlight them and provide guidance and suggestions. The answers are always there and do not mislead.   In other words, the cards never lie. Additionally they also hint at something that could be improved, changed or redirected. A light but effective ‘touch’ on your shoulder, to change your way of thinking/doing/reacting.

So that is another aspect of Tarot Card reading in its usefulness and practicality. It also explains the past to the sitter, so a larger picture appears and more is understood as to why it happened, and what the results were of that particular event in the person’s life.

Which makes for a clearer understanding of it and therefore helps to improve/change/or even follow the same direction as in the past, if it proved to be beneficial. Tarot reading can be largely intuitive, or it can be a mix. The trick is to listen to your intuition, and not think ‘Oh this is just a passing thought.’ Because it isn’t. It is a part of the sitter’s reality, and it is tuning into you. In all it is a valuable and accurate type of advice bureau, if you like.

The sitter needs to be accepting too, and not want the cards to tell them what they would like to hear, rather listen to what the cards are saying. This helps the reader immeasurably, because then the ‘connection’ to the sitter is stronger, and in this way, intuitive thoughts arise and this enlarges the understanding of the reading, both to the sitter and the Tarot card reader.

Understandably sometimes the sitter is nervous, uncertain or sometimes, uninformed about the practise of Tarot Card reading, and is unaware of exactly how it works for them. I have written literature printed and let clients read through it before I commence a reading. I even explain it verbally at times, as certain people respond more positively to hearing something, rather than the written word.

If I feel the person consulting me is not being co-operative, or is ‘testing’ me, I do say to him/her, ‘I realise you are possibly suspicious/unable to relax/trust, but it is vital you work with me on this, if we are to have a successful reading’. Tarot cards are just pieces of cardboard with coloured pictures on them, but they do depict almost all and every situation in life, and as such the images represent whatever is happening in your life or has happened and what will happen if you listen carefully and note what the cards tell you. The reader is just the messenger, although readers do use their intuition a great deal of the time, which is even more accurate than the cards at times.

That is not to say the reader does not study the meanings of the cards thoroughly.  This is something that is very necessary in order to become an accurate, competent reader. It is also a comforting thing to have done, as there are questions that you will have that  you would very much like an answer to.  And generally it is good advice/direction by the cards. I recommend a reading every eight or nine months to help you along your life’s path.

Yours in spirituality

Justine Atkinson-Mcgregor

Justine is a tarot card reader, vision board facilitator and spirit guide artist and can be reached on justineatkin@xsinet.co.za

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