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Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Truth is Stranger than Fiction – November 2018

Shew – a 22/4* month in an 11/2* year. Both of these are Master Numbers, which means the energies are going to be very intense and highly strung.

This November 2018, we have the meeting of the sensitive servant, the visionary, the high priestess, the practical building manager and the magician.

Very difficult energies to assimilate, and yet brilliant if you can.

Talk about duality… it is at its peak now… which is also a theme in 2018. It is no longer either the one or the other, but both – embracing the good and the bad, the dark and the light, for without the one the other would not exist.

The 2018 global energy is a marriage between yin and yang – being a master among men, but a servant of God… and the term “servant leader” has been coined to describe this phenomenon now coming into global consciousness. It is spoken about by inspirational speakers worldwide.

Ouch! Talk about “holistic thinking”! We are really being put through our paces. It is a testing time, and at worst you will know by the end of November where there are areas for improvement. It may be a month where you learn the best and the worst of yourself.

November is the perfect month for studying anything to do with energy healing, massage, sound healing, art therapy … so book that course or workshop! Your fingertips will be extra sensitive to pick up on issues and tension in the body, you will be finely tuned, and the body will pick up on vibrations and sound easier than usual. In fact, you should have a heightened experience of the energies of the chakras, auric layers, internal organs and more.

You may feel prompted to start building that dream; to practically lay the first brick. November 2018 can assist in turning those high ideals and dreams into realities. The 11/2* year energy needs a month like this to put the inspired and artistic expression into form and manifest it into a reality.

This is a month of spiritual break-throughs and downloads. The boundaries between worlds, other times and dimensions are blurred.

The old adage that “truth is stranger than fiction” may prove true, and the impossible may be no more.

Who knows, perhaps this is the month when “aliens” will reveal themselves, or teleporting will become a reality. Perhaps the idea of a city in a hollow earth, or the theory that the earth is flat, or the moon a hollow disk with a dark side, or that we are living in a giant computer simulation, may suddenly not seem so far-fetched.

Lol. Yes, I am a Scorpio, and it is Scorpio season as I write, and I am the Queen of Conspiracy Theories. I love to investigate what lies below the rubbish we are dished up every day. I always wonder what the politicians are hiding when they get the media to focus on something trivial and blow it out of proportion so that they can carry on with all eyes elsewhere. On top of that, I was born with the Pythagorean Arrow of Scepticism, so I don’t (generally) believe a word I am taught anyhow, and question everything.

The sensitivities of these high frequencies may catch you unawares. You may find that you are more psychic, sensitive and moody than usual and feel a little out of sorts. You may throw your toys out of the cot, and then demand to have them back. You may need more grounding, so get outdoors without shoes on. If you feel you “don’t belong”, just sit with that feeling, but do not act on it. It is pretty universal right now. Ride it out…

The root number 4 for November, is a number of honesty, integrity, hard work and putting things into form. It is earthy, practical and systematic. So, this is a month of practical planning and action. The number 22 does this on a higher level – the level of manifestation, sacred geometry and designs.

I am wondering if we are going to see a change in the way houses are designed and built this month too… I have long been awaiting to see who will break the mould regarding a new reality of what is required for practical and affordable living in this day and age, and what materials will be used. Number 22/4* is the Master Builder: a masterful purveyor of practical knowledge, and a builder of all things practical with lasting value that will help people live better lives every day.

Keep busy this month. Whatever you are thinking will manifest, so be sure to check your every thought at this time. Nutrition is very important, as is laughter to massage that solar plexus and lighten the intensity. Be gentle on yourself and be wary of over-scheduling your time, as this will cause tremendous self-imposed pressure.

The 22/4* is very highly strung, a bit like a racehorse, and this affects the nervous system and solar plexus. It manifests as knots in the stomach, nausea, internal anxiety, and may even feel like a rubber band stretched across the solar plexus to breaking point. Tummy may play up a bit, so eat slowly and create a relaxed atmosphere for meals.

For those who are right-brain dominant, this month is going to take extra self-discipline to stay focused. The right-brain is not task- and outcome orientated and does not do well with time pressure. The right brain is visionary, which is the theme for this year, but it is now time to do something so that it does not remain “pie in the sky”. A diary or month-planner can help to maintain the focus, as can setting alerts or alarms (as I have to do), to remain connected to this time and space where we have mere moments to connect with situations or people, which all have to be coordinated in linear time.

To sum it up:
• August was about setting goals
• September was about negotiations, delays and looking at the detail
• October was creative and starting to communicate the goals set in August
• November says put your money where your mouth is. Just do it!

For your interest:
The 7th of this month (November 2018) will be very good for connecting to the spiritual realm, the 13th to the 18th could hold some pleasant surprises. The 22nd could provide some deep insights, the day energy (number 44) being linked to Edgar Cayce and big international business, as well as the Master Healer. Book a crystal healing on the 22nd, or an energy healing of sorts: Reiki, kinesiology, or a host of others to choose from.

In fact, 22 November 2018 could bring about something profound.

The planets linked to 11 (year energy) and 22 (month energy), are the moon and Uranus respectively. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, the zodiac sign for most of November (until the 22nd). I am not an astrologer, but I am sure this will be quite significant.

Until next month, which may provide a much better “Christmas spirit” and holiday energy than December last year: do not waste this month on procrastination. Just do it!

Article with permission Janets Numerology

Truth is Stranger than Fiction – November 2018.

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