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Understand your Life through Group Meditation

I am often asked how do we connect with our guides, the angels and spirit in general and the only answer I have is through meditation.  There is no other way to connect particularly when you first start out and need to learn what the process is and how it all works.  For someone who has been connecting to spirit over many years and it has become a part of them, they no longer need to actually sit still in meditation in order to connect.  However, they do still need to quieten their minds and practice a form of meditation in order to receive messages.

There are many benefits that arise out of meditating in a group.  One of the greatest benefits of meditating in a group is that you get to understand your life.  Why I this is because when we meditate, we open ourselves up to the universal consciousness and in so doing, we open ourselves up to those with whom we sit in meditation.  We are given insight into their lives and we get to experience their life experiences as well as their experiences with spirit.  And what comes out of that, is we get to see that we’re not alone in how we feel about our life.  We’re not alone in what we’re currently going through and our understanding of spirit and the connection to spirit, is really no different to that of the people in the group.

If you think back to the time when you were in a classroom in school.  Very often there would be times when you wanted to ask a question because you didn’t quite understand what the teacher was talking about.  But, you were too afraid to ask the question, because you thought that the rest of the class would see you as stupid, or the teacher would get annoyed with you etc.  I’m sure we can all relate to those feelings of self-doubt and safeguarding ourselves against any form of rejection.  Well, the same applies to group meditation.  There will always be that one person who isn’t afraid to ask any questions, no matter whether others think that they should already know the answer.  The whole point of being in the group is to learn from each other and how will you learn, if you don’t ask questions.

It’s not a great idea for us to assume anything.  So, no matter how much you’ve read, or what you believe your understanding of a particular subject to be, there will always be someone who has a bit more experience, knowledge and understanding and by the same token, there will always be those who have less experience, knowledge and understanding.

As you get to experience the input from the group, so your understanding of your own life becomes more clear.  You get to see that it’s okay for you to feel what you do, it’s okay for you to handle situations the way you do, and it’s okay to not know everything.  In understanding that we are all each other’s teachers and we are all each other’s pupils, we get to be more accepting of other people’s input into our life and we get to be more accepting of ourselves.

And so the positive knock-on affect has an impact on your and ripples out into your world.  Meditation is a way to quieten ourselves and to just allow ourselves to breathe.  It doesn’t really matter whether or not we connect to spirit.  Sometimes, a group guided meditation is exactly what we need.  To be able to sit quietly for a short while and allow yourself to be guided through a visual experience, is so beneficial to you and your wellbeing.  You will find yourself becoming more comfortable in your own space and that is something that a lot of us have problems with.  You will find as you meditate in group, you will more easily be able to focus your mind on your intent rather than when sometimes you meditate and you find it so difficult to sit in the still and silence for more than a few minutes.  Somehow, being in a group, affords you a participation in the energy around you and the benefits to you are just so amazing.

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