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Laughter is a powerful healing tool because it changes the resonance of any situation or relationship.  It crumbles defensive walls and when you laugh you defuse fear and worry.

Laughter is a wonderful gift. It heals the Inner Child, bringing into unity your Inner Child, adolescent and adult. It even aligns the chakras!  As it triggers the right brain, the creative side, endorphins are released into our system (natural anti-biotics) which strengthen our immunity.  The neurons fired from the right hemisphere stimulate the release of other hormones which accelerate healing on a physical, emotional or mental level, depending on the need.

Reflecting and researching this topic in the face of several deaths around me, including a loved brother, it seemed an almost sacrilegious topic.  However, the grieving ones on earth can prevent a spirit’s ascension into higher realms by keeping them in lower dimensions through their grief, especially if it is drawn-out. But death is truly only slipping into another dimension and we have all done it 100s of times!  It helped to acknowledge the light side of those who have passed, their sense of humour and fun, and all the delightful happenings in our interactions.  I remember with deep love my brother’s cackle and roar until tears streamed down his cheeks. It has truly eased the grief.

A recent university study showed that couples who laugh and tease each other are more likely to stay together.  It found how inside jokes affirmed the relationship through humour.

Spend a little time seeing your day as a cartoon.  Make every person you interact with a cartoon character.  If you can’t think of one that already exists, create your own.  Do the same for yourself.  The moment you do this it becomes difficult to take things seriously.  For instance, what about the character who always gets blown up regardless of any precautions he takes?  You might really enjoy seeing how some cartoon’s character traits reflects you.

If you are taking life too seriously, being dragged down with responsibilities, finding it difficult to see positive change, use the power of the media.  Watch a comedy or a cartoon.  Use it as a tool.  Do you know this was the original role fairy tales played?  They symbolised characters on their journey through life.

If you are in a conflict situation wouldn’t it help to see Dennis the Menace, Bart Simpson or Hagar the Horrible fighting it out?  My favourite is the cunning of Calvin!  It takes your consciousness to a completely different level and diffuses the situation.  If you’ve been betrayed, do the same but put the betrayer in a protective shield of white light and then animate with passion!  In these examples you are giving the Inner Child an opportunity to vent.  It has to do this if the adult hasn’t developed the skills necessary to constructively deal with conflict and create win-win solutions.

Do you know that our ability to laugh at ourselves is a path towards self-mastery?


If you are angry with someone and the situation is going nowhere, imagine your nostrils flaring, smoke coming out of your ears, your face as red as a beetroot, expanded like a balloon about to pop.  Could you put yourself together after you have exploded?

See your antagonist as a bull pawing at the ground, ready to charge the red cloth, huffing, puffing, nostrils flaring, smoke emitting from every orifice.

Can you remain in a lower state of ego using these images?

A TRUE STORY.  In a Wagner opera two swans ‘swam’ across a lake and the hero was meant to mount one and be carried off into the distance. Unfortunately he missed it. He looked at his watch and said to the audience “The next one comes in 10 minutes”. The high drama of Wagner lends itself to uproarious humour!

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