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When It’s Time to Walk Away

Years ago, my sister gifted me with a book entitled: “Jump…and your life will appear” by Nancy Levin. At the time it was an interesting read, but had minor impact on me, as I had just undergone a major life change, through my separation and moving back to South Africa, and thought I had already undergone my life changing event…

I attended a course a while back, where my teacher told us about the layers of change and growth. He compared it to layers of an onion, I have since had it compared to a spiral. Essentially it means that whenever we overcome a challenge in our life and feel we have grown beyond it, we have only dealt with one layer of the issue and we will keep coming back to it in different ways, on a deeper level, until we deal with the issue completely; and because life is an endless series of lessons, once we clear an issue completely we will be faced with the next one…

Over the last few months the universe has been pushing me towards my next major life change. I have worked for the same business (in its various forms) for 11 years and prior to that I have 7 years of other positions within the same field that have all progressed my career to where I find myself today. But, even with that I daily feel the push to make a massive change, that it’s time to walk away from the safe and known path and take on a new challenge and change my career. It’s a terrifying prospect, but I am constantly reminded of my last leap. I was in an abusive relationship, utterly miserable, but it’s what I knew. The idea of walking away, being alone and “horror of horrors” anyone discovering what my life was really like was debilitating. Through all the fear and terror, I had a career that became my all, that gave me stability whilst I felt like my whole world was falling apart. Eventually I built a good and full life for myself, and my career stopped being the focal point of my life. Now the Universe has decided that its time to remove that last safety blanket and for me to move in a totally different direction.

As I write this, I can almost hear you ask, “How do you know that’s what you’re being asked?”, in answer to that, I must explain how I have always been given my guidance. It generally starts with the small coincidences, friends, family and even strangers saying things to you to make you think. Then if those signs don’t get you to make the changes, the guidance becomes more obvious, from the Oracle card you pick out that tells you to “walk away’ or “choose a different path”, to the series of unpleasantries that make you realise, that you need to make some changes in your life. Eventually it gets to the point where you can no longer ignore the issue. If you are still in denial you may at this stage be putting it down to “bad luck” or going through a “rough time”, but eventually no matter how stubborn you are, you have to accept the message and do something about it.

So here I find myself, finally at the point where I am no longer in denial and taking the leap into something new. I picked up Nancy Levin’s book again and what was then an interesting read, has become an essential guide. I am struck by how at times, I can feel like I have made so much progress and have it so together, only to have the Universe remind me that I am still learning, and I have a very long way to go…

I leave you with the guidance to look closer at the signs and direction the Universe is giving you, take solace in the fact that no matter how terrifying the change may seem, the Universe will never let you fall. In my own life, as soon as I came to the conclusion that I needed to follow the signs and take the leap, I started to gain new opportunities, where they will lead, I don’t know, but I decided to enjoy the adventure.

Virtue Joannou (BSc (Hons) – Geology) is a Crystologist and Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher.

Virtue discovered at an early age a sensitivity to crystal energies, not truly understanding the source of her fascination with rocks and minerals, she decided to go down the science route when she finished school and studied Geology and Environmental Science at the then Rand Afrikaans University, before doing her Honours Degree in Geology at the University of Adelaide, in Australia. After her awareness was expanded, she studied various healing modalities and discovered a deeper understanding of the metaphysical properties of crystals.

Virtue is passionate about helping others on their journey of spiritual awareness, healing & growth, through the use of alternative therapies. She offers Reiki, Reflexology, Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing through her business: Violet Sun Complementary Therapies. She regularly teaches Crystal Healing courses and Reiki. Details of upcoming workshops can be found on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/violetsun.therapies/

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