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What is Energy and How Do we Use It?

I started this morning off by asking my guide what is energy?  The answer to how do we use it seems quite clear to me and I will endeavour to explain it as I go along.  However, I found myself quite stumped when thinking about energy as a tangible ‘something’.  This is what my guide has given me:

‘Energy is you.  It is the very inner life-force that constitutes your soul.  It is absolutely who you are as Spirit.  Energy exists around us and within us.  Without energy we would not exist.  That is not to say that when the human physical body ceases to exist, that energy dies along with it.  When a human physical body ceases living, the energy encapsulated within it, or attached to it, merely moves into another space.  Think of the waves of the ocean.  As they accumulate and roll up onto the beach, so they withdraw again, back into the ocean.  It is a constant churning, mixing and evolving process.  So too is the process of the ocean water being drawn up into the atmosphere through the energy of the sun and then being replaced once again through the energy of the rain.  Our source of energy comes directly from the Great I Am, the maker and creator of everything that exists, both seen and unseen.’

It would then stand to reason that we are all energy and more importantly all part of the same energy.  During many healing sessions that I have conducted, I have been able to see the healing energy being transmitted.  To describe it is to compare it to the energy that one can see emanating off the tar of a very hot road.  The only difference is that healing energy, when seen by the naked eye, has various colour aspects to it as well.  Think of our aura’s – they too have different colours and these colours change all day as our levels of energy change.  As we become depleted of energy and feel overwhelmed by our emotions, our auras become more dense in colour and weight.  So when it is said that one can feel the weight of their trauma on their physical body, that weight is in fact their aura that has become weighted down with negative energy.  By the same token, when we feel elated and our emotions are filled with positivity, our auras become light.  It is often said that we feel a spring in our step, we feel so much lighter when we experience something positive.  Thus, our energies are moving from negative to positive all the time, as we navigate our way through our life.

How do we use the energy that we are a part of?  We use it all the time, both consciously and unconsciously.  And of course using it unconsciously is where the danger lies.  When we think something, essentially what we are doing, is sending energy out into the universe.  We have all heard of the law of attraction.  What we send out is what we are going to attract back into our life.  We use our energy when we interact with others, when we talk and through the subtleties of our body language.  We use energy when we choose a particular colour to dress in on a particular day.  When you take notice of this, you will see that when you are feeling upbeat, you will choose colours that emulate that mood.  Likewise when you’re feeling low and depressed, you will choose colours that emulate that mood too.

Armed with the knowledge that we have the power to manipulate energy to our advantage, we are able to steer our lives in a direction that we want.  Using the power that we have at our fingertips, we can create anything that we want.  However, we do have to be particularly cognizant of the fact that we can use this very same energy to create all sorts of unwanted things in our life too.  For the most part, we are ruled by the things that we fear and so that’s the one thing that we have to stop.  It’s all about using the power of the energy of the I Am, for our greater good.  It’s not a selfish action.  It is our birth-right.  Again, whether or not we consciously use energy, we are using energy every moment of every day.  So why not put it to good use to make your life wonderful?

You are worthy.  You are deserving.  You are energy!

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