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Everyone has a different perception of what a reading is all about.  Some people feel that it’s the work of the devil and if you go into a space that you don’t understand, such as the spirit world, then you’re inviting in all sorts of negative energies very often referred to as demons.

I followed a post on facebook a few days ago that I found really interesting.  The question was something along the lines of have you ever been to see a fortune teller on the side of the road in a caravan?  Now I will admit that I know nothing about gypsies or fortune tellers and I can only give opinion from my own perspective.

What I know and of course I could be wrong, no-one can actually tell you your future.  Yes there is numerology and astrology that can predict things that will happen in your future based on where your stars were aligned at the time of your birth and what your birth numbers indicate.  And again, these are subjects that I don’t really know too much about.  However, the post did get some really interesting comments, ranging from don’t go there to yes, I found it most helpful and most of what she told me has come true.  During many of my readings, my guides have also given me an indication of someone’s life and how it will play out and what could happen in the future.  However, I do need to caution that because we all have free will, we have the power to change that path and so whatever was said today in terms of how your life may be in 2 or 3 years time say, could be very different if you take action to alter that path.

So why have a reading?  What I have found over the last 20 years of doing readings, is that most people will begin along the path of finding answers around the same time that they have lost a loved one.  Very often, parents of a young child, will seek out the help of a clairvoyant medium, to help them to understand what happened, why it happened, and if their child is okay.  So the same with someone who has lost their partner, or parents.  And very often, these losses have occurred because of really tragic circumstances ie a sudden accident or onset of illness that resulted in their passing, for which no-one was ever prepared.  So grief plays a very big part in seeking out someone to do a reading for you.

And if you’re fortunate to find someone who truly connects with spirit and is able to connect with your loved ones and your guides and angels, then very likely you will come away from your reading feeling so much more uplifted than you did when you first got to the reading.  I always say that with mediumship comes huge responsibility.  For me “The privelege of the medium is being allowed into the deepest most innerost personal aspects of a person’s life.  The responsibility of the medium is to honour and respect that trust.  The pay-off for the medium is being in a position to connect loved ones and inject the light into the darkness.”

Doing readings is something that I so enjoy.  I always feel honoured to be doing a reading for someone and I too feel better when someone walks away, having given me a hug and said thank you they feel so much better.

I know that as mediums, we all claim to have a different way of working from other mediums, but essentially we all do the same thing.  The format (if any) of our readings could very likely be different but the outcome is generally the same.  I have no doubt that this applies to things like tarot card readings or angel card readings etc.  My readings generally would start off with a couple of questions as to why my client has sought me out and what it is that they’re expecting to take away from the reading.  Once that has been established, then I just allow my guide to inspire me in terms of anything that the guides may want to say and allowing loved ones to come through to pass on their messages.  Very often, a loved one will show me how they passed or make me physically feel how they passed and this is generally so that the client is able to identify who they are.  I sometimes get images of what that person looked like or just get an impression in my mind say of what their personality was like and images that they want to convey to get their message across.

Connecting to spirit is a fairly complex process in that one does not actually hear or see as in the physical, but for me I hear and see with my inner self, if that makes sense.  I always say that one should imagine how a blind person sees what an apple looks like without ever having seen an apple – I think that’s the closest analogy that I can give.  And then hearing what they say comes kind of as thoughts into my mind so I am able to say that they are telling me something specific to tell my client. As with anything that one takes on to do, being a good medium and finding it easy to connect with spirit comes with practice and comes with huge trust and the more the do it the better you get.

So why would you want to go for a reading?  Sometimes people are going through really difficult periods in their life and they just need some assistance in terms of understanding what is happening and why it is so.  Sometimes, as I said, it’s to just to try to connect with a loved one to see if they have anything to tell them or to confirm that they are now okay having returned to spirit.  Whatever the reason, I believe that as long as you keep an open mind and allow the conversation to flow between you, the medium and spirit, you will come away having had a really good reading that uplifts and inspires you.

I would recommend that one has a reading at least once a year. If there are things that you’re dealing with that requires another reading in the same year, that’s fine.  However, I do recommend that you don’t become too reliant on the medium for answers which could result in  your not managing your own life to the full extent that you should be.  So, play it by ear and ask your medium for their advice as to when you should have another reading.  An example is I did a reading for a young lady a couple of weeks ago and it was very much around her circumstances and what she should be doing.  Right towards the end, her father came through and wanted to strike up a conversation.  However, the reading had already gone on for about 1 ½ hours which is probably more than long enough in terms of how much information comes through and how much an be taken in by the client.  In this case, I did advise her to contact me again so that we can make the next reading about her and her dad and I’m hoping that she comes back soon, because I did feel that he had quite a lot he wanted to share with her.

If you’ve never been for a reading, maybe it’s something to consider just for interest sake or if it is that you’re going through a difficult time, your guides and your loved ones are with you all the time.  They are able to help and advise and to bring you upliftment sometimes in a way that you never thought possible.  You can contact me glynis@spiritconnection.co.za or whatsapp 082 570 6473

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