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Truth is What We Are in this Moment

By following and applying our own truth to our own well-being, we are slowly transforming our physical consciousness into metaphysical consciousness. Knowing the truth never set anyone free – experiencing the truth is what affects the necessary changes that will set us free. Without first hand direct experience, we will only have someone else’s recycled beliefs or theories. Remember to take whatever you read as valuable, but not infallible. Know that you are your own highest authority and do not place your source of authority outside of yourself. Know that you are capable of raising your consciousness to a level where you can easily tap into the collective consciousness that forces us to focus on the beauty and wonderment that is our universe.

Remember that our idea of the universe is based on our idea of ourselves. When we see the world, what we see is our mind. When we experience the idea of how things are we actually perceive a condensed version of reality that fits our idea of truth, not the truth itself. Truth is what we are in this moment, without the least trace of the last moment or any expectation of the next moment.

We seldom make direct contact with reality. As awareness from intelligence, each one of us is actually trying to experience the same reality. This truth cannot be threatened by any error in belief or judgment. Only an error in belief or judgment is vulnerable to this truth.   Those who project errors in belief and judgment imprison themselves and others, but only to the extent in which they reinforce the errors they have already made.

When life has meaning, it has intensity and harmony simultaneously. To think about life is not participating in life. Life is a process of letting go of everything that attempts to capture and control the ceaseless flow of being. As we participate in being, we participate in life itself.

The search for meaning is the most basic characteristic of the human mind. There is nothing we can do to avoid any moment of experience but we can cultivate an openness to be present for each moment we experience. We must not conceal or deny anything in order to know truth.

Thought does not produce existence, it only interacts with the energy of existence in order to alter or manipulate its form. Thought can never fully embrace reality, because it is only a small part of reality. When the light of awareness becomes a conscious thought, the light from that thought is reflected in our perception. Every aspect of light by its very nature follows its own laws, making light a form of ultimate truth. When light is present, knowledge and wisdom are revealed in proportion to its abundance. Light is a good representative of our universe and its core. The core being the entire universe expressed through its interconnections with all matter and its assembly or as a continuous creation by the cause of its nature, a nature expressed through its prevailing light.

This understanding allows our reasoning of reality to include light to be something more. Something many describe as the cosmic flame of life or the primal stuff of creation where there is never any separation from light and where light becomes a fundamental part of understanding a higher consciousness that manifests and fixes itself upon the deepest essence of our identity as awareness from intelligence. This quality of our higher consciousness as awareness from intelligence transcends our relationship with the outer world. It allows us a deeper understanding and sense beyond every pattern and form, where a new quality of consciousness can provide us the ability to recognise any subtle sign or expression of a higher level of awareness in our daily lives.

As we move through our daily lives, we must allow ourselves and others the luxury of expression without intrusion. We need to experience life as the Creator has intended – life in abundance filled with peace, love, joy and validation for our efforts. Walk with the sun always shining on your face and the light of the Mighty I Am surrounding you at all times.

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