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Elementals and nature spirits

Elementals and Nature Spirits

Taken from “How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides” by Ted Andrews

There is often confusion over the difference between the elementals and the nature spirits – the ones more commonly referred to as elves and fairies.  Most people link them together as either nature spirits or as elementals, but there is a difference.  They are all the same hierarchy (angelic), but they serve different functions at different levels.

Those of the nature spirit level are more likely to display ‘personality’ and the elementals have more of a ‘characteristic.’  For example, in any one family there may be a particular characteristic or trait that all of the family members have – a tendency to baldness, thinness, a sharp nose etc.  Each person in that family though, will display a unique personality, despite the common characteristic.

Elementals are the building blocks of nature.  They are close to being true energy and consciousness.  When we are in contact with them they will stimulate strong responses in us.  Learning to work with the elementals is a way of attuning to all of the energies and beings of nature.

Elementals are four-dimensional.  They have nothing to obstruct their movements.  Therefore, they move as easily through matter as we do air.  They do require some contact with humans for their own evolution.  Helping to direct them is an overseer, traditionally called the King of the element.  The archangels oversee the activities of the kings, and each king oversees the activities of a group of elementals and nature spirits.  Everything is hierarchical in the evolutionary scheme.

The Hierarchical Scheme

Element Elemental Being King Overseeing Archangel
Earth Gnomes Ghob Auriel
Water Undines Niksa Gabriel
Air Sylphs Paralda Raphael
Fire Salamanders Djin Michael
Ether Christ

There are four main levels of elemental beings :

Gnomes (earth elementals)
This is a generic title.  It should not be confused with our usual conception of the gnome.  Their form and shape is ‘earthy’ in nature.  They cannot fly and they can be burned in fire.  They grow old in much the same manner as humans.  Various types of entities fall into this category, each with its own degree of consciousness.  They maintain and work with the physical structure of the earth.  Gnomes help create colour within our world and our lives. They assist us in tying into the earth energies and in understanding how to use those hidden forces.

They also work to maintain the physical body of humans – its composition, its assimilation of minerals, etc.  Without them we could not function in the physical world.  One earth elemental is usually assigned to help us maintain our physical vehicles.  As with many elementals, it is through their association and work with humans that they can become ensouled and evolve.  They are affected by what we do.  If we abuse the body, we abuse the elemental assigned to us.

The gnomes are needed to build the plants, flowers and trees.  It is their task to tint them, to make the minerals and crystals and to maintain the earth so that we have a place to grow and evolve.  They are the beings of craftsmanship.

The gnomes guard the treasures of earth and are attuned to helping humans find the treasures within the earth or part of it.  This can be hidden treasure, the energy of a crystal or stone, or finding the gold within one’s life.  They help keep us rational and grounded, so it is good to connect with them regularly – especially at those times we seem to become more flighty.

They work with humans through nature.  They give each stone its own individuality – its own energy.  They do this with every aspect of nature.  Thus we can learn from each one.  Every tree, rock and flower has something that it can teach us.

Udines (water elementals)
This is a classification for those beings associated with the water element.  Wherever there is a natural source of water they can be found.  All water upon the planet – rain, river, ocean etc – has tremendous undine activity.  They like the gnomes, are also subject to mortality, but they are more enduring.

The undines work to maintain the astral body of humans and to stimulate our feeling nature.  This is associated with heightened psychic feelings as well as emotional ones.  Theirs is the energy of creation, birth and intuition.

An undine is also assigned to each of us to help with the function of our bodily fluids – blood, lymphatic fluids and once assigned they can only endure.  They are dependent upon humans for growth.  As we evolve, so do they.

Diseases of the blood contaminate them, and many of the modern diseases such as AIDS, which effects bodily fluids, ties the undine to the karma and the effects of the disease, no matter how unwilling they may be.  Water is the springwell of life, and these beings are essential to our finding that springwell within.  They are essential to the gifts of empathy, healing and purification.

The undines are usually female in form although there are mermen, too.  They work with humans to help us discover our beauty – both outer and inner.  They work with us to help us realise that our beauty comes from what we do and not from what we look like.

Undines also stimulate strong emotions and creativity in humans.  They assist us in absorbing and assimilating life experiences so that we can use them to the fullest.  They can help us to see and feel the full ecstasy of the creative acts of life, be it sexual, artistic or the performance of a duty with the right emotion.

They often work with us through our dreams.  Dreams of water and sensuality often reflect undine activity – their stimulation of us to greater creativity in our lives.  Work with them can assist us in strengthening the astral body for full, conscious, out-of-body experiences.

Sylphs (air elementals)
The sylphs are probably more closely in line with our concept of fairies and angels than the other elemental beings.  They work side-by-side with the angels.  They are part of the creative element of air.  It is their work which results in the tiniest of breezes to the mightiest tornadoes.

Not all of the sylphs are restricted to living in the air.  Most are of high intelligence helping to alleviate pain and suffering and stimulate inspiration and creativity.  One of their special tasks is to help children who have just passed over.  They also serve as temporary guardian angels until we open ourselves and draw to us the one who will be the holy guardian angel.

A sylph is also assigned to each individual human.  This sylph helps us to maintain our mental body.  Thus, our thoughts (good or bad) are what most affects them.  They work within us for the assimilation of oxygen from the air we breathe and with all functions of air in and around us.  Exposure to pollution, smoking etc, affects their appearance and alters their effectiveness in our lives.

Sylphs help to stimulate new knowledge and inspiration.  They work to cleanse and uplift our thoughts and our intelligence.  When you breathe deeply and notice a sweet freshness in the air, you are acknowledging their work.

The sylphs work with us to assist in using the intuitive and rational together.  Although often showing themselves in humanlike form, they are very much asexual.  In fact, they often inspire this in others.  In my experience, people with strong sylph activity often find that sexuality is not high on their list of priorities, and they may not understand how it can be so with others.  The sylphs stimulate expression of the creative sexual drive into other avenues of one’s life, such as work etc.

Sylphs are also good to work with for protection of home and property.  Their energy can be so strong that they make intruders confused or worried about entering your environment.

Salamanders (fire elementals)
These are not to be confused with the reptile salamanders, although they have the same name.  They are also found everywhere.  No fire is lit without their help.  Mostly they are active underground and internally within the body and mind.  They are responsible for lightning, explosions and volcanoes.

Salamanders evoke powerful emotional currents in humans.  They also stimulate fires of spiritual idealism and perception.  Their energy assists in the tearing down of the old and the building up of the new, as fire is both destructive and constructive in its creative expression.

They also function in the physical body.  They aid in circulation and in maintaining proper body temperature.  They work with the body’s metabolism and greater health.  A slow metabolism is often an indication of sluggish salamander activity within the body.  A high metabolism is an indication of great salamander activity in the body as well.

Salamanders have a great love for music, but they are foremost an agent of nature.  Their energies are very stirring, and it takes tremendous ability to control and direct them for the most creative results.  One who is a composer or poet, or in any way works with the creative power of words, could do worse than to attune to the fire elementals.

Fire elementals work with humans via heat, fire and flame.  This includes everything from the flame of a candle to the ethereal flames and light of the sun on a daily basis.  They can be powerfully effective in healing work including detoxifying the body, especially in critical situations.  They must be used carefully in such times, as their energies are dynamic and difficult to control.  They are almost always present when there is any healing going to occur.

The fire elementals can help awaken in us higher spiritual vision and aspiration.  They strength and stimulate the entire auric field so that there is easier attunement to and recognition of higher spiritual forces within our lives.

We are more likely to have rapport with some elementals than others.  It is important to understand and determine this.  IF we do we can more easily open the doors to inner realm perception.  How do we determine which elementals we are more like to harmonise with? There are two very simple ways.

The first is through astrology.  Every astrological sign is associated with one of the four main elements of earth, water, air or fire.  The birth sign reflects those energies you hope to unfold in this lifetime.  The element of that sign reflects which element you also with to unfold and develop.  The beings of the element will assist you in that process and thus you will be more able to attune and work with them.  This does not mean you will be unable to attune and work with the others, rather it simply says that because of this link, you will find that these will be the easiest for you to connect with.

The second is through identifying the major element in your first name.  The vowels within our name, as illustrated in the chart below, are an excellent guide.

Vowel Element Elemental Being
A Ether All four groups of elementals
I Fire Salamanders
E Air Sylphs
O Water Undines
U Earth Gnomes

As before, the primary vowel (the one which is most strongly accented when pronounced) indicates which group you will align with most easily.  Other vowels indicate other groups that they are secondary in ease of relation to them.

Those who have a vowel that aligns them with the ether element have a greater responsibility.  This element gives wider access to all of the elemental kingdoms and an increased ability to work with them.  There is also an increased ability to be affected by them.

If the element of astrology and the element of your name are the same, it may indicate that you have come to double your work with that group of beings.  If they are opposite, it does not mean that they cancel themselves out.  All elements and all elemental beings work well with each other.  Use the charts below to understand the role of the elemental beings in your own life.

When working with these charts you should keep in mind that the ether element accentuates the aspects of whatever element it is associated with.  It will enhance – or has the capability of enhancing – both the positive and negative aspects.

Vowel & Astrological Elements


Element Fire
Vowel I
Zodiacal Signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Qualities of Elements Courage, self-assertive, visionary, helpful, creative expression, strong, active life force, imposing, fanatic, self-indulgent, authoritarian
Works with Salamanders


Element Earth
Vowel U
Zodiacal Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Qualities of Elements Providing necessities, grounded, good sense of timing, stable, self-aware, understands emotions, miserly, controlling, coarse, no empathy
Works with Gnomes


Element Air
Vowel E
Zodiacal Signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Qualities of Elements Metal, inventive, intelligent, quick, alert, cooperative, humane, cold, aloof, imitative, nervous, superificial
Works with Sylphs


Element Water
Vowel O
Zodiacal Signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Qualities of Elements Understanding, emotions, psychic, sensitive, artistic, romantic, reserved, impressionable, self-indulgent, exaggerates feelings, sensual
Works with Undines


Element Ether
Vowel A
Zodiacal Signs Ether is the substance from which all was created
Qualities of Elements Ether is the spiritual aspect that overrides and influences all elements.  It permeates all creation
Works with All


Combined Elements Fire with Fire
Qualities & Relationships Tremendous impulse and stimulation; can burn self out; must find practical outlet; provides much energy toward life goal; must balance self-expression


Combined Elements Air with Air
Qualities & Relationships Excessively mental; not enough direction; whirlpool of ideas needing practical release; talkative and expressive


Combined Elements Water and Water
Qualities & Relationships Can give added depth; increased sensitivity; feelings easily hurt; intolerance; can lead to instability; requires a realistic focus


Combined Elements Earth and Earth
Qualities & Relationships Needs stimulus to manifest latent fruit; can cause inertia; materialistic; must work on self-expression and personal relationships; stabilizing; latent talents


Combined Elements Fire with Earth
Qualities & Relationships Learning boundaries of the activity of fire; practicalise high ideals; inspiring greater mobility; can ground fire or stimulate expression.


Combined Elements Fire with Air
Qualities & Relationships Very compatible; too much air and fire is out of control; fire can change properties of air for good or bad; strengthens and raises ideals


Combined Elements Fire with Water
Qualities & Relationships Fire turns water to steam; water put out fires; when balanced they bring useful ideas / tremendous activity; alchemical processes are to be learned


Combined Elements Earth with Air
Qualities & Relationships Air stimulates earth qualities; fruit needs oxygen; earth stabilizes volatile air aspects


Combined Elements Earth with Water
Qualities & Relationships Very compatible as the two are necessary for anything to grow; earth stabilized the restless water element and water prevents dryness and unfeeling nature


Combined Elements Air with Water
Qualities & Relationships Air keeps water fresh; water element can feel unfulfilled by air not understanding the emotions; intellect modifies over-sensitivity; water broadens sympathies of air

Differences of opinion exist as to the vowel associations of the earth and ether elements.  These are guidelines.  What is most important is how you associate and what correspondences you build.  The author has used the “U” for the earth element as it is also a vowel which sound correlates to the functions of the chase chakra.  The “A” is assigned to the ether because of its connection to the heart chakra which mediates all energies of the body, just as ether mediates the energies of all the elements.

By following these instructions you will find that the process of opening the door to your elemental kingdom is easy :

  1. Find a place out in nature that will reflect your element. If it is earth, find a secluded spot with rocks and where you can sit, feeling the earth.  If it is water, sit by a stream or pond.  If it is air, pick a day that has a breeze.  If it is fire, sit where you can be in the sun.
  2. Make sure you will not be disturbed in your spot.   Perform the Mystic Marriage Exercise.
  3. Softly tone the archangel’s name for your element three times. Do it syllable by syllable.  Use “The Hierarchical Scheme” chart (earlier in this article) to identify the archangel for your element.  As you do the toning, visualize yourself surrounded by the colour of the archangel.
  4. Pause and then softly tone the name of the king of your element three times. Give each syllable equal emphasis.  See the colour become stronger around you.
Element King Pronunciation
Earth Ghob (Gohb)
Water Niksa (Nihk-Suh)
Air Paralda (Pah-Rahl-Dah)
Fire Djin (Jijn)
  1. Softly sound or sing your name outward three times.
  2. Now tone the primary vowel sound. As you inhale, sound it silently.  As you exhale, sound it audibly.  Visualise this as a call to the elementals.
  3. Extend your senses outward. Feel and sense the energies around you. Open your eyes slowly and take in the scene of nature around you.  This exercise lets them know that you are ready to work with them more consciously.  Allow yourself to be impressed with how best to use their energies constructively throughout the rest of the day.

Medieval magicians learned to call upon and use the elementals to help create and materialize fantastic creatures for various purposes.  It was not uncommon for these magicians to use these etheric dragons to guard and protect their homes.  These could, of course, be fire dragons, water dragons, earth dragons, air dragons or any combination.

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