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Hello again for John Povey here in the United Kingdom, I would first like to thank all lightworkers who joined with us on the 21st of June to combat the threat from the dark powers trying to infiltrate our atmosphere.

Just so that you are aware we were successful in clearing almost all the tainted energy in our upper atmosphere from 100 miles above the Earth right down to 25miles above the earth, however there is still a lot of tainted energy from 25 miles above down to the Earths surface, let alone what is trapped within the earth itself.

Is it no wonder that we are getting such sweeping devastating weather anomalies from drought to floods from raging wildfires to unprecedented snowfall out of season. This is the earths response to what we the human destruction machine is doing to our home planet and sadly what we will probably do to any other planets that we find can support our type of life?

The great powers of this world pay lip service to reducing their carbon footprint in one breath and then use third world poverty as an excuse to set up and continue to devastate the planet in the name of Foreign Aid projects. What they really need to do is a worldwide levelling up project, instead of paying third world countries to take our waste products so we can say well we have cut our landfill by X number %. We need to find a way to reuse all of the plastics we have already created as some form of sustainable fuel system.

So instead of drilling for new oil and gas fields we need to find a way to create fuel from the plastics we already have manufactured from the oil we have already used from this earth. We need to clean up the oceans and stop dumping containers into deep ocean trenches that in 50 years’ time will rust through and disperse millions of tons of pollutants for our children and grandchildren to sort out.

Well, that is my rant over for today on the woes of the earth at this time, I would like to get back to the topic of energy healing. This week I have two problems that I would like to share with you all, the first is the prospect of energy healing of a property or piece of land, one that concerns negative energy portals and negative ley lines.

Negative portals:

These nasty portals allow the free flow of dark energy and even entities access into our world. They are usually enabled by people with little knowledge dabbling with a Ouija board, or as a direct result of on site or remote satanic rituals. They are usually placed where they will catch the most footfall either in a doorway or on a landing at the top of the stairs. This way they affect everyone in the property. There may be poltergeist activity or even more sinister, a demonic possession of someone whose personal protection is weak.

Firstly we need to mention that as it stands at the moment the properties of sage and even holy water are much less effective than they used to be in cleansing a property. My go to for this work is a combination of rough Rose Quartz chunks about 50mm diameter minimum placed on every opening in the structures external walls, 2 pieces placed at the bottom of the doors one on each side, and 1 piece on each window sill – 2 if the window is wide. This will create a Rose Quartz shell around the house that will trap anything dark within.

We then move onto clearing all negative energy within the house by the use of high frequency sound using an energy bar chime (tone B) attuned to the crown chakra, Firstly you need to find the negative portals and then start striking the bar chime in the farthest room from them. The intention is to drive any and all darkness into the portals before we seal them. The first of 3 strikes of the bar chime will break down the negativity in the room (wave the chime at the walls, floor and ceiling until it fades beyond your hearing). Then the second strike sweeps away the negativity towards the portal. The final strike will imbue that high vibrational frequency into everything within the room and the whole fabric of the construction of that room including whatever is in floor, ceiling voids and cupboards.

We continue this ritual in every room until you reach the room where that portal is. Once you have done the same in this room the time has come to seal “not close“ the portal using as powerful a rose quartz wand as you can get your hands on. I have a beautiful Sceptre cut wand about 8 inches long – it is exceptionally powerful for this kind of work. Using the wand pointed at the centre of the portal draw in the air a large vertical infinity symbol or figure of 8. From start to finish it must go in a clockwise direction then anti clockwise so that both directions are used, then repeat the ritual in the horizontal plane, and finally into and out of the portal again in the horizontal plane, then finish it with 3 clockwise spirals at the centre. This will place a one way seal or valve over the entire portal so that only energy from our world can pass through into the darks domain. This will quickly be felt by them and then they will close off their end too so making a fixed redundant portal one less that the dark can use to their advantage. Now a word of warning!! Never use the intention of CLOSING a portal – it will only duplicate it nearby so instead of one portal you will end up with two.  This is because closing with high frequency energy creates the ideal medium of blended energy being sent down the portal for the dark to use immediately. Whereas sealing is not sending the energy to the dark, it is placing a fixed cap over the portal.  The dark cannot use it because it is already fixed in place.

I have just seen the word count so we will have to leave the negative ley lines until next month, if anyone has any questions regarding doing this work safely feel free to ask me via our website www.reachingouttherapy.co.uk

Yours as always in love and light John.

Bio: Both my wife and I are healers here in the United Kingdom, and together we run a healing sanctuary called Reaching Out Therapy, during this pandemic all of my healing work has been done remotely this is about the only good thing to come out of this pandemic for me. I will connect my energy to that of the person in need of healing, we then use a media platform like facebook, whattsapp or skype to send written information regarding what we have found and worked on, we do charge for our healing services and payments can be sent directly to my bank or via paypal.

For more information our website is  www.reachingouttherapy.co.uk

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