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From Meandering Musings

This is an excerpt from my book Meandering Musings. Even though these thoughts came to me as a result of the passing of my father, I know that there are others who will resonate with them too.

Last month we experienced the loss of our father. The whole incident of his passing took us all by surprise and left us feeling dazed and numbed by the reality of it all. One of the realities that came to the fore is that all of us are connected by an energy and wisdom more illuminating than that of the rational mind itself.

It is our connection to this deeper wisdom and its obscure and yet sometimes perceptible attributes that each of us as individuals can define meaning beyond obvious intellectual understanding. This profound wisdom or universal consciousness that connects all of us is a subtle elevated understanding that actually penetrates through to our conscious mind when we allow it.

In times of desperate need, when we are challenged to the very core of our emotional human selves, we can find comfort in knowing without a shadow of doubt, life goes on both here and in the subtle realms.

We only have to direct our questions inward in a clear and simple fashion in order to have access to this universal energy and wisdom. These types of clear and simple inward questions act as a sort of beacon that attracts attention to a focused place within the depths of our subconscious where the answers reside. It is important to understand that the answers we seek will return to us based on the terms of our beliefs.

Question yourself, your beliefs and your motivations always, but never doubt yourself for in doubting ourselves, we create confusion and mists within our conscious awareness.

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