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Our beautiful friend Chris Tokalen wrote this amazing article for Spirit Connection.  We’ve kept it published in his honour – the world truly lost an angel when Chris was called home.

Mystics and masters, enlightened beings from every religion- all talk about a magical place of deep peace that is to be found within each one of us. An elusive stillness and harmony that already exists, re-discovered when we surrender our socially conditioned and learnt personas to a power greater than us. A losing of our identity as an individual in order to become nothing, and therefore gain ‘everything’.

All seekers on a path of this realisation, acknowledge the importance of becoming ‘unimportant’. Becoming   alive and present in the “now” by releasing attachments to thoughts, addictions, goals and definitions, we are’ owned’ by creation and to surrender control to it is to reclaim our power. To access that elusive ‘being present’ as life unfolds…

I have discovered for myself, based on many spiritual teachings and their regular practical application, that using sound and breath creatively in meditation is helping me access and maintain a peaceful, yet vibrant presence from moment to moment. A conscious breath followed by a simple vowel sound or mantra which resounds and vibrates every cell in my body is a very simple and powerful way of becoming peacefully present in the now. Reaching stillness through using sound .

And this vibrant peace is accumulative, gathering in momentum and strength the more I meditate

The life force and light in every consciously drawn breath (think of the word respiration and break it up into re- spiriting) becomes a living echo of the word when we use it to make a sound intentionally. By utilising the readily available energy of breath in a vocal meditation we become the musician and the instrument simultaneously. Acknowledging and appreciating the vitality of life force becomes a celebration when we turn breath into voice. Every fibre of our being – body mind and spirit responds, awakened and yet soothed by vocalisations.

Sound travels through any substance from cell to cell, at varying speeds. It travels through water four and a half times faster than it does through air. Water amplifies sound. Our watery bodies are designed to receive and transmit frequencies spanning an unimaginable range – literally instruments of God. Water retains memory of its energetic interactions and these interactions affect the structure of water molecules, as proven by Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, in his ground breaking experiments which prove that words and thoughts can change the structure of water molecules. Angry negative vibrations shatter their symmetrical structure, whereas kind loving thoughts and words create beautiful mandala like crystalline structures.

Given that we are capable of co-creating a wonderful reality with the living spirit that inhabits our being, we would be wise to habitually choose thoughts, words and actions that benefit the water molecules in our bodies. We affect the water in the bodies around us too, by transference of energy.

A conscious and creative use of breath and sound, the graceful and grateful use of breath and sound in a celebratory manner, is a cellular massage and a sure way of bringing about positive change . It is a peaceful way of restoring our link with creation by transforming and shaking loose stress and trauma. Sound is energy in motion, it creates movement in all that it touches. Movement creates change. When we utilise this readily available force, we are literally using energy to move energy. We become alchemists within our energy network and take responsibility for the frequencies we vibrate with.

The use of sound is rapidly gathering recognition and momentum, in Western allopathic medicine for the treatment of a wide range of disorders ranging from depression to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism and many others. Eastern spirituality has long practised the beneficial uses of sound and music. It breaks down the barriers of race, language, religion and economics. The universal language. After all, everything is made of it… sound. The best things in life are indeed free….


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