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Handling These Times Of Revelation

We have been warned that the revelations of the machinations of the dark ones would be deeply disturbing.  I am not referring to the manipulation of finances, creation of wars and revolutions, the entertainment industry, the media feeding us division, corrupted health systems and more, much more.  Their shadowy influence has penetrated into most aspects of our lives.  A couple of days go I was made aware of their paedophilia, child trafficing rings and murder of children for the blood to be used in rituals.  It was described in full and the shock was so severe it took me a couple of days to pull myself together and get some perspective.  It sounds so simplistic, even crass, but it is absolutely essential that we maintain a sense of peace, keep our hearts open and focused on our inner connection.  It has been said so many times before but this is what we came to the planet for.  For me, it is about seeing the bigger perspective and living from the observer in loving detachment, and coming to that place even if you have to engage in effort and decision to reach it.

I was involved with a Mystery School around the time of South African independence, in which we were taught by the Ascended Masters.  The country was in upheaval and there was much unrest and violence.  We were encouraged to examine our own shadows, those unresolved, unconscious dark aspects of ourselves which we had successfully hidden in order to be loved and accepted by our families and society in general.  (Interestingly, the shadow, like a generous storekeeper, also holds the ‘good’ parts of us which we are not able to express.)  In these classes we unearthed much judgement, criticism and revulsion at the destruction, violence and anger that was being unleashed, until the moment that we realised they were all within us too.  We may have been ‘civilised’ and well-behaved on the surface but in situations in which we were challenged to the edge of endurance we could also act in a similar way.  Let me give you a clearer example although it is an obvious one.  If our child or partner was been threatened or attacked would you be able to stand back and observe in loving detachment?  I doubt it.  You, we, would be in there in rage with fists and knives, if necessary.  There would be no holds barred.  You see, we too have that dark side within us.

Let’s take this further.  I have often wondered why it is that those of us who are carrying the Light at this time have had horrendous past lives in which we were burnt, tortured, imprisoned, enslaved and so.  Invariably, it was because we stood up against the authority of the time who were intent on total societal control.  We live on a planet of duality, it is within the dance of the light and dark until we are able to engage in unity consciousness:  All is One.  When I was being tortured horrendously for being a pagan, what had I done to others in a previous incarnation to ‘earn’ this horror?  What, indeed?  I do not know but I suspect I had not been kind, loving or committed to the Light.  I am aware that at some stage in our time before the fullness of self-realisation we are faced with all the dark we have acted out over life times.  It is a challenging experience to have to integrate this part of us.

Dark and light, are different sides of the same coin.  This duality and separation continues until we individually make a choice for Oneness.

How does this start?  We have all been trained for many years in surrender and acceptance and we have now been give the gift of training in allowing.

Allowing is not condoning.  It is getting out of the way to enable the plan of light to unfold in perfection.  It is to admit the extraordinary power of the New Energy to work it’s miracles free of that unconscious feeding of the dark that breeds divisiveness.  It is not easy.  The dark Is not willing to surrender their plans.  They are despairing and their plots become increasingly vile.  ‘What you do to another you do to yourself!’  The consequences of their actions are not over, their journey is not finished whether here or on the other side.  They have lost.

In one sense, they have gifted us, yes, gifted us!  They have given us the opportunity to go deep within to discover Who We Are and what we stand for.  They have enabled us to evolve on the ladder of consciousness to become Light Beings because their darkness has brought up the Light.  It is divinely ordained that we collectively make a choice about our own true nature.  Do not feed the dark by not acknowledging it in yourself.  Do not judge and create division.  It is time for embracing all.  Oneness.

The Process

Sit or lie.  Relax on the breath.  Imagine a small sun on the right of your brow chakra and a small moon on the left.  All the time you are breathing consciously.  On the in-breath draw the light from the sun and moon together in the pineal gland, behind the brow centre.  On the outbreath bring them together to become white gold.  Let them circulate around the brain and then flow down the spine to the base.  This is one complete cycle.
You can either do three cycles before you meditate or do it for 10 minutes but then rest afterwards.  You will find immense positive benefits.

Love Blessings

Natalia Baker

A leader of consciousness, metaphysical teacher, professional public speaker, author, regular contributor to digital and printed magazines, tv and radio broadcaster, retreat and workshop facilitator, counsellor, facilitator of ceremonies and rituals.

info@nataliabaker.com 082 795 2826

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