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Ever been pushed away when someone you love is going through a tough time ? This is a very painful experience most times and leaves one feeling helpless, empty and


Although it may feel as if they’re taking it out on you, they’re probably just having a hard time managing their feelings. Dealing with issues and working through their own fears.

It’s difficult not to get upset when someone you care about seems to be shutting you out. It feels like their anger or lack of interest is aimed at you. Try not to take it personally…..

Chances are they’d appreciate some support but might not be ready to accept it. Sometimes just knowing that someone’s there can be help enough.

Important things to remember

– It’s not your fault. If you try to help someone and they’re not accepting it, it’s not your fault.

– All you can do is offer support. You can’t force anyone to take your help.

This may be hard to deal with, especially if they don’t even acknowledge your effort to help. Have patience. Chances are they don’t know how to handle whatever’s bothering them and this is the time they need your support most. Sometimes it can just take a while for them to come around.

Remember that just because a loved one is struggling, you don’t need to take abusive behaviour 🤨 Keep an open line of communication and look after your own emotions too. Offer help and then give them a little space to sort and ground. Step back if you need to – this too shall pass and lessons will be learned (painful as they may be).

NEVER believe you are not enough for that person – their issue is ultimately not with you. Just being there and wanting to help, shows how much you love, care and value your relationship with them and THAT in itself, is ENOUGH


Have yourselves a beautiful, safe, restful ‘rest of the week’, filled with happiness and soul rejuvenation

Love, light and abundant blessings always 🦋

SoulAngel Carol  🏻🤍






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