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In Search of your Guide

I’m often asked to connect with a person’s guide to help to introduce them.  People are fascinated by the thought of having a guide and some people are quite satisfied to be told who their guide is and kind of ‘take my word for it’.  And whilst I will always try to satisfy the person’s curiosity, I am a little reluctant to just tell someone who their guide is.  The reason I say this is that it’s like anything in life – if one gets to experience first-hand, an event or an interaction with someone, it’s far more likely to have an impact on that person rather than if they were just told about an event or an interaction.  Rather like teaching a child that a fire is hot – if you tell them it’s hot, more than likely at some point they’re going to want to try see for themselves if it is or not.  But if they experience the heat of the fire (and I’m not saying get burned), but you know what I mean.  Another example would be say for you to tell your teenage daughter that she needs to stay away from a particular person because they’re a bad influence on her, she’s not likely to pay too much attention, yet if she experiences for herself that they’re not really nice, she’ll make up her own mind and move away from them.

And so it is with meeting your guide. For those of you who don’t know, let me explain who and what guides are.  We have with us a protector guide who is a very evolved energy, experienced life on the earth but no longer needs to, and is assigned to us to walk through our soul’s journey, helping us along our spiritual path.  One usually finds that this protector guide has been with us over many many lifetimes and so they understand our soul, what we’ve chosen to learn, at what point in time, how far we’ve come, what we find difficult, what are our strengths, what do we still need to overcome, what our contracts say etc.  They know us inside and out.  This guide is who you would want to connect to when sitting in meditation and asking for inspiration for your own life experiences.  This guide also facilitates any communication with spirit that you have.  I always advise people to think of this guide as your absolute best friend.  They come with no judgement.  They never admonish.  They never try to place pressure on you to achieve something or to do something.  But they gently steer you in the direction of your soul’s path and they try to keep you on the straight and narrow, so to speak.  Once you’ve made the connection to them, it’s so easy to keep it open and to receive inspiration from them at any point during the day, not necessarily always just in meditation.

Then we have other guides that over the years, I have learned, are shared guides.  What I mean by shared guides is that there are specific periods of time in our life that we need inspiration, guidance, help etc from specialist guides.  So, say you are going through a particularly difficult time and experiencing problems with communication with people or you have problems financially.  Guides who will work with you to bring about healing and open your throat chakra will be sent to you to work on this one aspect of your life and help you to learn how to make yourself heard.  How to make yourself understood by others and to minimize the negativity surrounding your communication skills.  By the same token, you will have financial specialize guides who will come into your space and will work with you to relieve that blockage or whatever it is that is making you experience financial difficulties.  I’m sure you’ve heard of people saying that they think their guides are changing and so they feel a little out of sorts – the balance of the energy is affected by this change.  And it’s not to say that your guides are leaving you, it’s just that these shared guides have come into your space for while you needed them, you no longer need them and so they move on.  I know that this can bring about a sense of abandonment and not being loved by your guides, and so I need to point out that these guides weren’t actually yours in the first place – hope that makes sense.  These guides are shared across humanity and they come and go as and when needed by whoever it is that needs them.

In my mediumship teaching and when I do any teaching, I have a wonderful guide called Kevin.  I’m sure you’ve heard me mention him – I have on my page on Spirit Connection.  He is a guide that comes into these classes to inspire me in terms of getting my message across and helping people to reach their potential, understand their path, whatever it is that we’re teaching at that particular time.  So I work with him, but he also works with other Spiritual Teachers such as myself and it would be quite arrogant of me to say that he is my guide only.  I just am blessed to have him as part of my life and to work with me in my teaching.

So in searching for your own guide, I would highly recommend that you sit in meditation.  And it is always a good idea to find a group to meditate with especially when you first start out.  The shared energy in the room helps to lift your vibration and helps you to focus better and make that connection to spirit.  I also don’t think that it’s that important that you know exactly what you guide looks like.  So don’t place so much focus on trying to see who they are that you miss out on the experience of the meditation itself.  Over time, you will develop a sense of who they are and what they look like, just as you will eventually get a name.  But it doesn’t matter if at first you don’t get anything.  Receiving the message is much more important and knowing that you are making a connection to spirit to receive the inspiration that you need is much more important.

I would highly recommend that you don’t rely on someone to tell you who you guide is.  Work through meditation to find out for yourself.  It is such a rewarding experience and one that you will always cherish and keep with you.  Just by recognizing who they are for yourself, will make your connection to them so much more stronger than if you were to be introduced to your guide by another medium who perhaps has a bit more experience than you and can do it more easily than you, at that time.  If you would like to know anything about meditation, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.  I am always available on my email glynis@spiritconnection.co.za and I’m always happy to help where I can to bring clarity to things that puzzle you or things that you experience that you need clarification on.

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