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BEAUTY From my healer guide – Anknadah – Egyptian Scribe

Beauty – the word conjures up many different things in our imagination, perceptions and emotions. Beauty is seen in so many different ways. But – let us examine a beautiful soul.  Right, well that statement has removed all the glossy and external wobbly bits has it not? Kind of cuts beyond the bones even. Of course I’m talking about the soul in the human form, all souls in pure energy are beautiful as the soul has no blemish from the physical existence. Even those souls that have gone off the rails in our physical world are beautiful in the pure spirit / source form. Would you agree that one defining attribute of a person with a beautiful soul is “love”? The ability to love others is a prominent characteristic of a beautiful soul. Let’s think of others: add to this list. Kindness, gentleness, grace, compassion, empathy, nurturing, ………………. Is there any benefit from being a beautiful soul in this world? I imagine that many will say NO!!!!! Because these souls are often used and abused.  A benefit would be the ability of such a soul to realise and recognize the blessings which they have brought into the world and people’s lives and even maybe animals lives if one finds oneself functioning and caring in that environment. Beautiful souls are a blessing to the world, the community, or any situation you find them in. I would describe a “beautiful soul” on earth as the nearest you can get to a “physical angel” so if you meet up with such a soul – cherish them. Mostly you will find that such souls have experienced severe difficulties of many kinds, which have burnt away all the false effects of life and stripped away a great deal of ego – leaving the authentic person that is totally at ease with themselves and they are aware of many of their failures which they readily admit to and work on constantly. Recently your earth is receiving many beautiful souls in the form of children, your children today are coming through to earth already as beautiful souls. Look at them, they are so different to those of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s even to the year 2000.

To get to this state of being (not the children mentioned), it’s actually an awareness, these beautiful souls have lived many many lives, so often, they are rather “old souls” and as for the children of today they are much more aware souls from other places that are not encumbered with living on our planet at all with all the negatives and fear and conditioning we have encountered that obstructs our spiritual progress. The best way to recognize an old soul, even a grumpy old soul, is to look into the eyes. The eyes should be balanced, both revealing the depth of life and a soft beauty reflecting back to you. You should be able to enjoy the gentleness of their interaction with you and how they go about life.  Of course some of the above will not apply to grumpy old souls.  Namaste.

Ian Mackintosh South Africa

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