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Love is Almighty & Conquers All

Greetings all it is I Igor who bring you a message of assistance as well as clarity on your present journey.

There comes a time in your life that you must make a choice, Yes My Dear One’s, it is a difficult choice, you will choose whether you wish to be a human enjoying the human way of life or a spiritual person who is having a life experience, this choice you would think is easy, for us who are on this side it is a case of, there cannot be a simpler answer to that, yet as a human being it is not that simple, it means that you would have to hold yourself accountable for anything, everything you think or do. This I am sure for most is a scary to consider, I reiterate, you must hold yourself accountable not us, God or anybody else YOU.

Then when you think on these lines it is actually very easy to rather lay the blame on someone else, for things that you consider are punishments, If you feel that you are being punished please know that God would not, does not, will not punish you ever, we really mean never, not now or when you return home, it is you who punishes yourself on the earth plane, as when you arrive here, you find that what it did no matter what how or when it was that you did something or where you were doing it, as God, plainly, yes simply put it, allowed you to exercise your own free will.
We have spoken enough on this and feel that it is time you moved forward and spent more time with the you, yes the you, who will achieve wonderful things in this lifetime, the real you who is spiritual, not the you who feels you are flawed, we only see a perfect spiritual being enjoying a wonderful life of experience, just think, should we take it from you, possibly assist you at the wrong time, it will cost you yet another return to do it all again, to learn what you are here to learn this time.

We will tell you, that you are here to learn that the path you have chosen is not bumpy at all, for as you planned it step by step, you did take into consideration that your human mind will be the greatest obstacle that you would have to overcome, this obstacle, as we will call it, is one of the most effective forms of barriers that you will ever overcome, yes you will overcome it, as you who are reading this, have placed yourself on this specific day in a position to know that there is more, Yes My Dear One’s, there is less as well, yet the more you have the less it will become, we have confused you perhaps, no I don’t feel we have, for the less you are the more your soul is, therefore the more your soul is, the less human influence you have, this creates the perfect bond between you, as well as where you are in life, this will allow us who are in this realm to help you, as you will know the difference between life and living.

The living we talk of is when you can proceed through the day with only loving positive thoughts, actions and intentions. Which does not mean for you to go out and shower people with gifts of a material nature, it means you go out and shower all you come into contact with, the most important gifts of all, Love, compassion and healing and above all, having within you the Faith to know that this is God that is working through you, specifically as his messenger to uplift a person when they are sad, tired, angry, despondent and without faith. This word Faith is a writing of its own we will on the next visit discuss it in more depth, we leave this that you have heard now to use in your daily life and say to you, may the Love be your guide and inspiration and the light that illuminates your path as you proceed to the ultimate truth.

                                                                                                                               Love is almighty and conquers all.
                                                                                                                              And the truth is Love conquers all.

Hi All I am Brian, a Psychic Medium and Reiki master, currently in Johannesburg and at the age of 24 years, I was given two weeks to live, I had Leukemia, I told the Doctor, with extreme confidence as a young man I had important things to do, so I would still be around for a long time, I toured and was part of many different religions just seeking, I was looking for my calling not knowing exactly what I was looking for, I was introduced to the Spiritualist Church in Frere Road Durban in 1984/85and I knew that this was the place, I saw a wonderful medium dynamic on the platform by the name of Peggy Screetch, hope I spelt her name properly, who channeled and spoke to spirit and I knew my future, at that stage not knowing how, I was invited to a circle and from there the growth began, still many ups and downs but steady progress was always present, I never gave up, yes got lost a few times but never give up is my motto, I am cured of cancer for many years now as I am 58 years of age and teach and channel and heal as much as I can at all times. Since my cancer I have had many scrapes with the otherside, in all forms of accidents motor vehicle related mostly, yet find myself being of service to those who need the right message at the right time, this is a short introduction to who I am and my history.

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