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Meditation Tool 3: Imagination & Intuition

Ascended Master Kuthumi & Celestial Companions

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

30 August 2019

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quiet your mind; find a comfortable undisturbed space, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your Higher Self for your greater good, according to your personal frequency requisite.

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a profound gift of imagination.

Greetings beloved ones

The world that you find yourself within, the world that you have created for yourselves, in other words, the reality that you paint for yourself on your canvas of life each day is a very interesting one, and you may have heard this before, I will reiterate it again, do make sure your life is interesting for interest creates expansion. Expansion allows for new worlds to unfold and open up before you and new worlds that opens up before you invites you on a journey of self-discovery and true understanding of the inner essence of your being like you have never known before.

Going on the journey of life and self-discovery and indeed following the work and the teachings of the mystery schools that you have done over many years and in many cases as with many of you over many lifetimes, gifts unto you a world that exists, a world that is real, a world that you know within every essence of your being is a place where you belong. It is a place where you feel safe, it is a place that allows you to go on a journey of discovery beyond anything you could ever dream of on this planet.

Beloved masters it is a world that you come from and it is a world that you return to. For you to be able to step into humanhood and take on the incarnation of a life on planet Earth a great number of processes has to be set into place to be able to facilitate that, processes that many of you are very familiar with, processes of healing, processes of projection, processes of inception and understanding of the task at hand, the inception of that into the realisation of what you project.

Beloved ones you are being trained beyond your imagination to take on a journey that is so brave. There is nothing that you have done that is braver than being human. It is one of the bravest things that you can do, for everyone on the other side are well aware of the truth that this world is and  will remain your greatest mystery school. Your planet of study, your planet of research, your planet of tapping into the creation of your humanness and what it takes to graduate from here. As it is clearly evident many have to re-experience this time and again, in other words, time and some more time. For time is only understandable and prevalent here on this planet. Beyond this world there are no restrictions when it comes to time, when it comes to distance and when it comes to integrating reality.

Now how do you integrate reality as a spirit being when you leave this planet, well very simple, you do it as you have always done, you simply project from your mind. The difference is there is no physicality to take with you; there is no heaviness that you have to drag along as you have to do in some circumstances and instances here. But in essence you are the same, your core flame essence as a soul spirit being that floats around in the void of bliss carries within it the ability to think, it carries within it a sacred thought projection and projects from the inner core of its mental field, its sacred mental field a projection of what it wishes to experience.

Now in relation to today’s tool or should I say tools, this channel is absolutely spot on. We need to bring this through to you for you to understand that as a spirit being; when you give out a projection to want to be somewhere, you are there, it is around you, it becomes you, for there are no physical restrictions that you need to create to have it, or that you need to uncreate, to travel through it, for everything IS, it simply IS.

Now here, in using the key of your imagination and intuition you too are able to bring that gift down to this Earth, to this planet, and in fact to the very core of your reality existence, according to you, on this planet, in this lifetime. What restricts you? The physicality restricts you beloved ones, the physicality. You allow the tangible to restrict your world of the unimaginable in such a way that it won’t allow the unimaginable to become now the possible tangible.

So the focus in this key or tool today is to bring an awareness to you how powerful your imagination is and how little of it you really use, for understand once you leave here and you step through the cave of consciousness and you realigned your energies, or if you are unable you will be assisted to have your energies realigned and balanced and healed, once you have gone through that, it is really and truly up to the consciousness that you take with you as to where you will be and you do that in pure thought, in pure imagination if you like, in pure visualization and of course you live within your intuition. 

Now we would like, those of us from the other side of this world, not too far from here, we would like for you to realize this divine gift and to use it wisely…..wisely, for as with everything else in life there is always the adverse versus the beauty, in your old world: the positive versus the negative.

So on this particular subject do not allow the lower vibrational frequencies of your lower mental, in other words, your negative thought patterns on Earth to stifle your growth and to hinder you from truly becoming the most magnificent being that you already are.

This is why we try and teach you to visualize wings, not because angels have wings, because you know they don’t, but purely for you to take on a feeling of freedom, a feeling of the sky is truly the limit and within each person’s life processes there exists a set out journey of what they need to follow and even in the most restricted situations in some lifetimes or in some people’s lives they too are given the chance to soar, to go beyond their imagination and to live out what they have set for themselves to do. It can be done from a wheelchair; it can be done from any situation that you have given yourself, which is why it is so important to pay attention to your imagination and to allow your intuition to be your guide.

You understand the cliché that ‘you create your own reality’. Hopefully you understand even just a teeny-weeny bit of the Universal Laws and their cause and effect. Henceforth understand that within the brain, within the mind and within your higher mental lies the ability for you to project whatever you wish to live within and once that projection takes on form that is when that form begins to remanifest, recalibrate itself from the intangible into the tangible and begins to manifest the dreams and the desires of the world that you wish for yourself.

In many ways humanity has become very lazy when it comes to imagination. One of the most important of the higher senses; intuition, imagination, inspiration, all within the sixth chakra, are there to help push you across the threshold from the lower five into the upper energies, that is your bridge, thus you begin to build your bridge that allows you to transfer your essence from limitations to limitless. And it is that bridge, the bridge of the imagination, the intuition that gets its inspiration from the higher mental.

It is also for that very reason, very often there is an unbalanced kind of energy in your media, in your social media, on your televisions, for as much as they can invoke the expansion of your imagination that is just as much as some people completely vegetate because of it. In other words, they cannot allow themselves the gift to visualize something amazing or something incredible using their imagination, they have to have an external force to give it to them and that has to stop, that is not good, there is nothing healthy about that. As we have said before watching creative films, documentaries, watching exciting movies, that’s fantastic, but know your limits, know when to draw the line, when you see yourself unable to conjure up fantastic stories in your head that has to do with you, only you, then beloved ones take a second look at that projector for it is beginning to reprogramme you into a vegetable, and that is what you don’t want. It is so important, that is why creative mediations and guided mediations are such a wonderful tool to use in allowing the mind to expand for there you are not given any visuals on a screen to follow, you are asked to create these visuals in the recesses of your upper mind, your higher mental and this higher mental then taps into the intuition and your intuition is what then takes you on a journey of true discovery for it reveals to you through your imagination a world that is really and truly possible and intuitively it takes you there, it is such a beautiful, if you will, feminine energy. You understand that we are moving very slowly away from masculine/feminine but it definitely has its grounds, its roots in the feminine.

That is also the reason why a lot of men feel that they are unable to visualize; they are unable to create an imaginative world that can become their reality by intuitively following what is given to them, that is not really true, it’s a self-man-made human block, they have blocked it off. Which is why we have all these divine feminine energies coming into the planet to balance things, which is why we have all these divine masculine energies beginning to trickle through, very soon from now, to balance the over active feminine so that the balance between the two is truly sublime.

Beloved ones, within the visual cortex of the brain magic happens, true magic happens. Even if you want to take that into the field of magic, for anyone to perform a trick or a process they have to be able to see it first for it to become real. The same goes for where you find yourself this very day for in truth you saw yourself here somehow, some time ago, and now you are here.

Each and every day tap into your visual cortex and understand that there truly (and this has been proven by your scientists according to your world, given a stamp of 3D genuine proportions that it is real and true) and that is, there is absolutely no difference whether you see something in your mind or you see it with your eyes, whether you see it with your two eyes or whether you see it with your one eye, you see it.

When it comes to a person that is impaired and unable to see, that is a different story for that is a lesson they have chosen to work through, but what they see in their minds through their imagination and being guided by their intuition takes them on a journey of discovering senses in a far higher frequency than what normal beings are able to, and it is because they have to, which is the extension of their imagination. So for those of you that are able to see, tap into what is before you each and every moment as a divine gift. Look at things deeply, in depth, intuitively, through your imagination, go deep into spaces and fill yourself with the wonderful creative essence of all the worlds that exists around you and be grateful, be thankful and go out and dare to imagine more.

What you see as colour is very limited, once you step through these doors, you have gone through the river of life, the river of love, into the cave of consciousness, through your Akash, once you get through to the other side a new spectrum of colour opens up before you, one that you can’t even begin to imagine in this world, yet it’s there, it exists. Do you want to see the magic in life, look through a prism, do you want to see the magic of life, let light reflect itself through a prism and as you embrace the multi-colour, miraculous wonders that this world presents to you, know that there is more, much more that awaits you and that you are able to tap in to, as with consciousness, but you are now going to have to step beyond the limitations that you have set for yourself in place when it comes to allowing the mind to soar, allowing the imagination to flow, allowing your visualizations to grow and allowing your intuition to be your ever guiding guide.

I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and the Master Chohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I wish you a most fantastic imaginative journey ahead.


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