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What is a Crossing Over Reading?

The term “crossing over’ has been coined by many psychic mediums in order to create an understanding by the general public of what it is that they do. I thought it a good idea to use this opportunity to explain what a crossing over reading is and how it works.

Essentially when ‘crossing over’, the medium connects to his/her main spirit guide. Through this connection, the opportunity to connect to loved ones who have crossed over into the world of spirit, is facilitated through the main spirit guide. I always look at any reading that I do, as a conversation with me, the medium, being there to relay what is being shown to me by spirit and what is being said.

When you see a medium to have a crossing over reading, it is essential that you participate in the reading as if those who you love and are now in spirit, are there with you because even if you cannot see them, they definitely are there. I know that in the past, and perhaps now, mediums will tell you that they can’t ‘call’ someone to come through to talk to you. And I suppose in very general terms, they can’t. But having said that, your loved ones know you and they know that you want to speak to them and they take every opportunity that they can to come through to communicate. One only has to watch the TV show of psychic medium Theresa Caputo to see how often she is used to facilitate messages from our loved ones in spirit to those whom they have left behind.

So whilst all mediums have their way of connecting to their guides and to spirit, the basic process is the same. In my case, I am often shown images of the people that I love who are in spirit. In other words, if I see my grandmother, I know that it is your grandmother who is coming through. And as soon as we confirm that this is the case, then I get an impression in my mind of what your grandmother looked like and what her personality was like. If I’m shown her wearing an apron for instance, this would symbolise that she was a great homemaker and perhaps loved to cook or to bake and as these aspects of her are confirmed, I will see the food or people gathered around the dinner table, or I will get the smell of baked bread or cake and in that way, know that she loved to bake.

Very often our loved ones will turn up dressed in the absolute best outfit. Sometimes it will be an outfit that they have created for themselves in spirit and so the sitter won’t recognise the particular outfit, but will certainly be able to relate to that particular style. So say your father comes through and he was a great businessman, always dressed in 3 piece suits with shiny immaculately polished shoes then that’s how he will come through. But even in this instance, it could be that even though he was always so well dressed, he perhaps loved fishing and may come through dressed in the type of attire that he would wear whilst fishing and so this is how we will be able to determine that it is him.

My advice to anyone having a reading where they specifically want to connect to their loved ones, is to just let it flow. The more everyone in the room talks, the more the conversation and connection is strengthened and you will find that more comes through. If it is that you feel that you need to test the person doing the reading for you, essentially you put up a psychic barrier and you will block the connection or prevent it from being as strong as is necessary for your message to be delivered. Sometimes, there is something specific that you want to talk about and your loved ones in spirit are just so happy to see you that they want to talk about something else. Please don’t be disappointed, rather embrace what it is that they have to say. This may be the only opportunity that they get to perhaps apologise for not always being present in your life, or confirm that they were with you when you were particularly ill in hospital or that they met your granddaughter before she was born into her earthly life.

I have found over the many years that I’ve been doing readings that the ‘format’ has changed quite a lot. I believe that the reason for this is that we no longer have to prove that communication with the spirit world is real. In days gone by – say in the 70’s / 80’s, it was essential that we bring through absolute proof that this is your mother and this is what she looked like and this is what she died of and for me, this hindered the actual message from coming through because so much time was spent on convincing the sitter that what the reader was getting was real. Today, it is accepted that we can communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over and that this is not evil nor is it holding them bound to the earth in any way and preventing them from progressing in the spirit world. So it makes it so much easier to have a relaxed reading where a conversation takes place and more emphasis is placed on the message coming through rather than who it is coming from.

We completely understand that we have guides who are with us always. And whilst a lot of people have no idea who their guide is, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have one who communicates with them and inspires them every day. And so for me, readings take the format of hearing from our guides as well as our loved ones all in the same conversation. The guides take the opportunity to educate and to offer advice for where the sitter is in that particular time of their life. They see what we do every day and they are there to help us along our spiritual journey. So they use the opportunity of my readings to come through to validate what you perhaps already know and to let you know that they are with you and they love you unconditionally. So I find that I am blessed with every encounter, to be able to talk to my guide, the sitters guide as well as the sitters loved ones who come through. My advice is to embrace what comes through and perhaps don’t be too quick to reject what comes through. I often find that when something comes through in the beginning of a session that doesn’t make sense, if we just park it for a while, later through the session, it will be brought into context and further clarification will be given. If the sitter rejects that information outright, then somehow the flow of the reading is interrupted and it could be that we don’t allow the entire message to come through as the guides and loved ones wanted it to.

I invite you to leave comments at the end of this article. Please send through your questions and I will definitely get back to you. I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it has given you some insight into a crossing over reading and what it entails.

Much love

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